Kaymu sales skyrocketed on Black Friday 2016

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    The four day long Black Friday deal on Kaymu (one of the largest e-commerce companies in Nepal) was a hit.  According to the company, the orders escalated by 1500% compared to a normal day during the Black Friday deal.  The product orders were so high at Kaymu during this deal that the order volume of a normal day generated within the first hour.

    Overall, the sale of musical instruments increased by 69 times the regular day sale. Additionally,  39 times more  Mobiles and Tablets were sold by Kaymu on Black Friday deal in comparison to a normal day. Similarly, the transactions of other electronic items also ascended significantly. Furthermore, Kaymu also witnessed a rise in the sale of other products categories like health and beauty and men’s and women’s fashion.

    I also bought some winter clothing for myself during the sale. Did you buy anything? Let us know. Also, do you think there should be more deals like this in the future from other e-commerce companies as well?

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