Lenovo Tech World Summit – What does the future hold?

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Taking a break from the phones of today, Lenovo gave its designers complete freedom. And they have come up with a few interesting products. They might never make it to the final products, but still, it’s good just to admire where the technology has reached.

Lenovo CPlus

lenovo watch flexible gadgetbyte nepal

The LG G Flex was one of the few flexible phones that made it into the mass production. But the Lenovo Cplus takes flexible phones to a whole new level. The device has a 4.35-inch flexible AMOLED screen with leather back.

So how flexible is the Cplus? The device can be bent and worn like a bracelet or a smartwatch. This was exactly the goal of Lenovo, a smartphone that bends like a smartwatch.

CAVALenovo-Cava gadgetbyte nepal

Following the huge success of Siri, Google Assistant, and even Bixby (only to some extent, though), Lenovo has created its own assistant named AVA. The Context Aware Virtual Assistant will use face recognization and natural language processing. According to Lenovo, it will be able to make recommendations based on your calendar.

SmartCast+lenovo smartcare gadgetbyte nepal

What if the Xperia X projector and the Amazon Alexa had a baby together? Well, Lenovo has created something similar and named it SmartCast+. The SmartCast+ will be able to recognize objects and sounds which can enable Argumented Reality function. It has a projector, a mic and a speaker built into it but the most important inclusion is the AI.

SmartVestLenovo-smartvest gadgetbyte nepal

Next on the list of new technology is SmartVest which is basically a Vest you can wear all day and night. The Vest is able to track your exercise routine using its 10 textile sensors to monitor cardiac activity and record ECG sensors in real life. Lenovo claims it’s accurate and comfortable to wear so even athletes can use it.

XiaoleLenovo-xiaole gadgetbyte nepal

A business oriented app, Xiaole learns from your conversations with customers. It will help you solve your customers’ technical issues with their devices. The app can provide you with a 24/7 personalized experience.

daystARLenovo-daystAR gadgetbyte nepal

Last one on this list is a stand alone AR device – daystAR. It’s a headset that has an optical display and a free form lens offering a 40-degree FOV (Field of Vision). It doesn’t need a phone or a PC to work.

The device works with applications like Cloud Object Recognition, Remote Assistance, Multiplayer Interaction, and 3D Content Manager.

Again, these are just concepts, they may or may not come to final production. But, we can still give props to Lenovo for trying out new things nevertheless. Which of these are you looking forward to?