MoonBao WOW Sale, an EPIC fail

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    MoonBao, a new e-commerce website in Nepal had scheduled its launch today at 12:12pm with a grand “WOW sale” that neither happened as scheduled nor got a reschedule. This launch event was in the schedules of many since the company had promised to put different items on sale at Rs. 1 only. As per the announcement, the first 1000 registered customers would be able to buy any item for Rs. 1 only. Since the contest was valid for “First Come First Serve” basis, many had been sitting in front of the computer to do their first dream sale. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the excitement of the “flash sale” to turn into frustration.

    Honestly, even I’m the one among those more than 3k believers who trusted on MoonBau’s Wow Sale without a second thought. Yes, the website might have a technical issue but MoonBau didn’t respond wisely as a company. They should have rather pushed their wow sale to a different schedule, like tomorrow at the same time or today at a different time, that way its followers and believers wouldn’t be as mad as they are now. What they did was, responded with an uncertainty on when the Wow Sale will take place.

    Had this been managed responsibly, the Moonbao wouldn’t have geo those many 1-star rating on its Facebook even before starting of their service. With this Wow sale, they might have managed to get remarkable Facebook likes but which are certain to go down very soon. This could have been “an epic initiative” but unfortunately, turned into “a failed initiative”.

    By the time I posted this article, It has already been more than an hour from the schedule and they haven’t even published a reschedule for the “WOW Sale”. That’s nothing but a shame.