ITU: Nepal is Fifth Cheapest Country for Mobile Bills

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According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Nepal is the fifth cheapest place for cellular mobile use, where the average monthly phone usage costs USD 2.49. The report seems abnormal for a country with only two major carriers in NTC and Ncell.


The cheapest country for cellular mobile use is Srilanka (USD 0.97), followed by Bangladesh (USD 1.42), Iran (USD 2.01), and Pakistan  (USD 2.12). The average monthly revenue per user for wireless carriers in the US is a whopping USD 61.51. Considering there are 4 major carriers in the US with great competition between them, we should be fortunate that the rates are extremely low.

However, the number of subscribers is increasing every year, and 8 in 10 users in the developing nations own a mobile phone. As the number of subscriber increase, the carriers need maintenance and need hardware upgrades in the BTS and BSC.

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