NTC Vs Ncell: Which carrier is the best?

ntc vs ncell
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The two telecommunication giants of Nepal, Ncell and NTC are the only mobile communication carriers in Nepal. Either you hate it or love it. There are only two of them.

Although carriers’ have improved and plans have become more useful, it’s still a frustration trying to figure out which network offers the best deal for you. So we’re here to help you through this frustration. Let’s begin with the introduction of these carriers.

Comparison for NTC vs Ncell

Nepal telecom is a state-owned company with 85% of government share. It is the sole provider of fixed line, ISDN and leased-line services in Nepal. It has about 60 million GSM cellular phones and about 1.5million CDMA users.
Ncell is a privately owned GSM mobile operator in Nepal the company is now owned in 80% by Swedish/Finnish company “TeliaSonera Holdings.” Ncell is the largest telecom service provider (GSM), having 43% market share. It has crossed more than 80 lakhs customer. Clearly it has broken the monopoly of NTC in the telecommunication game.

The real battle between these carriers is in the terms of their services and data/call charges.
Call/SMS Charges:
NTC has had the same call charges for many years now with no additional services included.

ntcInside Nepal SMS: Rs. 1.00 per SMS
International SMS: Rs. 5.00 per SMS

Please Visit the NTC tariff page for latest Tariff

Ncell has come up with two tariff plans as per the necessity of the users:
1.  Sajilo Tariff:
With its motto “One rate across the nation!” It provides the basic telecommunication facility with basic call/data charges. Wherever you call within Ncell or to other networks within Nepal, you call at one rate. It has been a popular tariff plan with its “My5” service.
ncellsajilo2. Ramro Tariff:
Ramro tariff lets you talk to your friends and family at a cheaper rate with its services like“3Ramro Number”.

ramroncellPlease Visit the Ncell tariff page for latest Tariff

Mobile Data Service:

Both NTC and Ncell rely on HSPA+ 3G services, and both have yet to launch 4G services. Although NTC data prices are comparatively lower, but Ncell provides a wider range of data package schemes with which you can get access to the various services in a better price.

NTC Ncell
Re. 1.00 per MB (24 hrs) Re. 1.50 per MB (24 hrs)

More on Ncell:
Ncell has been really creative, innovative when it comes to providing luring services to its customers whereas nothing has really changed when it comes to NTC. Whether its marketing campaign or its online presence Ncell has got it all balanced. Ncell is also more accessible as we find Ncell Centers around every corner.
Services like “Missed call notification”, “Ncell Sapati”,”Power Recharge”, “SMS & Data Packs” and occasional offers to its users has been highly appreciated. This has helped Ncell to build a strong customer base and also profit. No wonder it pays the highest income-tax. As a private company, it also has been donating a lot for the social causes, this has created a positive outlook towards the company. Seeing this, the future of Ncell looks promising.

Both the carriers have their own pros and cons. While Ncell hasn’t been able to extend its services to every nook and cranny of Nepal, NTC has already accomplished that for now. Though there have been many complaints regarding the services of NTC there has not been much change to its services and quality where on the other hand Ncell is doing everything in its reach to provide the best services to its customers with its good online presence and amazing offers time and again. Ncell has continued expanding coverage, enhancing quality and bringing new, efficient and easy-to-use services to the people.
Though the services of NTC is somehow good inside the valley, but it’s not the same story outside. We cannot ignore the flexibility of services provided by Ncell. People have already realized that the government services of are no use and NTC is no exception. So for the time being, the best carrier for Nepalese would be Ncell, looking over its quality services and customer satisfaction index.

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