Nepal Telecom finally gets the green light for 5G trials in the country

Nepal Telecom Receives Approval for 5G trials test
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The state-owned telco, Nepal Telecom (NT) has finally been allocated spectrum for 5G trials. This has opened the way for the company to start 5G trials in the country. Let’s learn more about NT’s plans and preparation for the 5G tests in Nepal.

Nepal Telecom gets approval for 5G trials

Back in June, Nepal Telecom (NT) submitted a work plan to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to start 5G trials in the country. The company had prioritized the 2600MHz spectrum and was awaiting approval from the governing body.

The latest board meeting of NTA has decided to provide 60Mhz frequency bandwidth to NT in its preferred 2600MHz band. This decision was made based on the working procedure for 5G trials that NTA published back in July.


The way ahead for Nepal Telecom

After having its work plan approved by NTA, Nepal Telecom can now start building the network infrastructure required for 5G operation. It includes the import of necessary networking equipment and their proper installation.

Similarly, it also needs to submit progress reports to NTA every three months. Failure in reporting any progress in infrastructure development in the said time frame could result in the revocation of the 5G license.

Spectrum Policy

If Nepal Telecom adheres to all the requirements, it will have access to the 2600MHz band for free for a year. The telco won’t be allowed to charge users for 5G for this time though. After the trial period is over, the allocated spectrum needs to be returned to NTA. Similarly, the networking equipment used during the test can be utilized for the existing 4G network.

As of now, NT cannot test 5G in 800MHz or any other band that it already has. However, it will have to coordinate with NTA if it wants to do so.

No sign of approval for Ncell

On the other hand, no decision has been made on Ncell‘s request for 5G trials. The private telecom operator is also keen on operating 5G in the country but is yet to receive any kind of approval despite filing for trials months ago.

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