Nepal Telecom starts VoLTE service in the country, enabling HD voice calls

Nepal Telecom 4G VoLTE service Voice Over LTE data phone call
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VoLTE or Voice over LTE is a technology that supports high-bandwidth data and voice transfer over a 4G LTE network. This tech debuted many years ago and VoLTE has finally come to Nepal as well. Nepal Telecom has launched VoLTE technology in the country, thereby enabling HD voice calls on a 4G network.

Nepal Telecom’s VoLTE:

The company had started testing VoLTE service when it started the expansion of its 4G network to more cities and rural areas. The telecom operator has successfully extended its LTE coverage to all 77 districts and planned to begin VoLTE trials from May 17, 2021, although it is already available to many users.

What is VoLTE?

If you’re on a VoLTE network, then your phone calls will use the 4G network to relay your voice to the receiver. Without this, our phones have been switching to a 2G/3G network to make/answer calls even when using a 4G-ready phone. This was a required step to ensure your call was successful since phone calls over a 4G network isn’t possible without VoLTE.

However, once Nepal Telecom introduces VoLTE, voice data will transmit over the 4G network. It’s in the name itself—Voice over LTE. With this, users can enjoy a higher degree of call quality with lower background noise distortions. You can also use the HD video calling function in conjunction with high-speed data transmission. It’s a feature close to what we see on OTT platforms like Viber, Skype, Messenger, etc.

How to enable Nepal Telecom (NTC) VoLTE service?

Since the service is in its trial phase, you must manually activate VoLTE in your Nepal Telecom SIM to test it.

  • First, dial *444# on your keypad.
  • Then, the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) response will list three options.
  • To activate VoLTE, select the “Activate VOLTE” option by dialing 2 on your keypad.
  • Now, VoLTE is activated on your NTC SIM.
  • To disable it, type *444# on the keypad and select the “Deactivate VoLTE” option 

VoLTE offer for Early Birds

NTC is also offering a free 100-minute VoLTE service which is valid for up to 28 days applicable for NT-NT calls only. You need to dial *111# to claim free VoLTE calls.

How do I know if my phone supports VoLTE in Nepal? 

To use Voice-over 4G service on NTC’s network, the mobile phone must also support it. Also, you can dial *111# on the keypad to verify which devices accept VoLTE. If it displays the error message “Connection problem or invalid MMI Code,” means your device isn’t compatible. Note that, in its first round, NTC has included a handful of devices that can use its VoLTE service. The telecom operator is in talks with the handset suppliers to bring VoLTE support to more devices soon. To check if your device is on the company’s list, click here

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