Nepali App review: Nepzy | Your next E-wallet?

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Even in Nepal, we can realize the advancements in technology. As compared to international trends, yes, changes come a little slow but they make it up to here eventually. Especially, e-commerce and online payment systems are emerging aggressively in the market of Nepal. Realizing this, we thought of reviewing an online payment app designed for Nepal and that’s Nepzy.

What’s Nepzy?

Nepzy is a newly introduced online utility payment solution exclusively for Nepal. Other than mobile recharges, one can do his/her other utility payments such as Landline bills, Internet/ISP, TV/DTH and Electricity bill payments. The service is not limited to recharges and bill payments since users can also do domestic flight ticketing online by using its app or the website. As an extended service, Nepzy is planning to launch another new feature of booking hotels.

Nepzy App Review

User Interface (UI)

Nepzy is currently available on both mobile platforms of android and iOS. However, we reviewed the app on an android device. Regardless of mobile platform, the UI is pretty identical. The UI of the app is pretty eye catching and well organized giving a good user experience. You can easily know what the app does right from its homescreen. So it is all about bill payment and recharges and flight ticketing. You can easily navigate through the app by swiping from the left edge of the screen or by clicking on three bars menu key on top. Then it reveals the navigation tree for the app that allows you to go to your profile, check your nepzy wallet, your transaction details and much more.

App’s Feature and Services

The app’s key feature and services can broadly be classified into two two and that’s recharge and flight. From the Recharge service, one can easily recharge his/her mobile, Landline, ADSL, DishHome and SimTV accounts. And from the flight service, one can easily buy domestic flight tickets for both one way or round trip.

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Way to recharge Nepzy E-Wallet

Recharging of the Nepzy E-Wallet can be done in four different ways and they are using SCT cards, Nepzy Cashcards, e-banking of partner banks and by using promo code. Plus, the wallet can be transferred between any two Nepzy Accounts. So you can easily borrow or lend money between friends.

Payments within the app

The payments done in the app should not always be from the wallet. If you’re skeptical to load your wallet with a bigger sum of money then you can still do payments directly from your bank accounts in partner banks using the e-banking service. And, while paying using the e-banking you’ll be directed to the respective bank’s e-banking site with the Nepzy App.


Nepzy is secured with 128 bit EVSSL. Additionally, it is GODADDY.COM, and Nepzy strictly follows PCI compliance. If you are not a technical guy, it basically means you don’t need to worry while punching in those credit card numbers.

Bugs and Crashes

There weren’t much of bugs in the app other than while trying to set my date of birth in my account the calendar could be navigated only to the future. Coming, to the crashes, the app never crashed on me throughout the time of my review.


Nepzy is an easy-to-go-through app. That doesn’t take long to get used to. On the UI side, the app is pretty strong. But what it lacks is the functionality and features. So, for this app to be a tough rival to its competitors, it certainly needs to provide more services. So, if you are looking for an app to recharge your mobile, landline, ADSL and dishhome then this could be a great choice. Plus, this app might be a boon for those looking forward to an app that’s capable of domestic flight ticketing online.

As long as we won’t have a Paypal or Paypal equivalent stable system of online payment, we’re sure to see more of such emerging payment systems here. From a users point of view, it’s good to have more options. Since that way, the service providers will be in competition and we’ll be getting better and cheaper services along with promotional offers.

User Interface (UI)
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nepzy-online-flight-ticketing-nepalNepzy is an app you shouldn't miss if you are looking forward to online domestic flights ticketing in Nepal. Other than that, the app comes handy to recharge mobile and other utility bills on the go. Plus, the e-wallet transfer works flawlessly between any two nepzy accounts.