Nokia launched a reiteration of its classic 3210 that no one asked for

Nokia 3210 (2024) Price Nepal
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Nokia surely has not forgotten when it used to be the golden standard of phones before the smartphone revolution outpaced it. Given that, the company updated one of its iconic feature phones in collaboration with HMD after 25 whole years. In this article, we will discuss the Nokia 3210 (2024) in further detail including its price in Nepal.

Nokia 3210 (2024) Overview

Design and Display

The Nokia 3210 (2024) gets a design overhaul from the 1999 variant and comes with an updated look. It has that standardised keypad layout with soft buttons. Moreover, it comes in a dual-tone finish on the front, while the back panel is all the same colour. Talking of colour, this phone ships in three options — Y2K Gold, Grunge Black, and Scuba Blue.

Nokia 3210 (2024) Colours

On the front, the phone gets an update as well. While the 25-year-old variant had a grey screen, the 2024 update of the Nokia 3210 comes with a colour screen. Even though the company has not clarified the type of panel on this phone, it is probably a TFT LCD. Other than that, the display stretches 2.4 inches diagonally and spans QVGA in resolution.


The company is going all in on the “good old days of before social media” for their marketing. Therefore, it would be quite an oxymoron thing to do if they made it a performance-centric phone. This is why the Nokia 3210 (2024) comes with very humble hardware under its hood.

It packs the UNISOC T107 processor which is crafted for feature phones. This silicon comes in a 22nm fabrication, has a single core, and clocks in at a maximum frequency of 1GHz. In addition to that, you get a 64MB memory and 128MB storage combo on the Nokia 3210 (2024). Yes… it’s “MB” as in Megabyte and yes, it’s quite low. This is why, the company offers a MicroSD card support of up to 32GB on this phone. Additionally, it boots on the S30+ operating system.

Features and the rest

This phone is a homage to the days of the past and comes with MP3 Player, FM Radio, and the classic game — Snake baked inside it. Similarly, it skips WiFi connectivity but includes a 3.5mm headphone jack instead. On the other hand, the Nokia 3210 (2024) has received some updates to meet modern-day standards. Such as a USB Type-C charging interface, Bluetooth v5.0 support, and a modest 2MP camera coupled with an LED flash on the back.

Nokia 3210 (2024) Features

The Nokia 3210 (2024) might not have WiFi connectivity, but, it is not totally off the grid though. It can tap into the internet, that too at 4G LTE speeds. Thus, you can keep up with the rest of the world through Cloud Apps like news, weather, and well — YouTube Shorts. Lastly, it packs a 1,450 mAh removable battery for power that offers almost 10 hours of continuous talk time.

Nokia 3210 (2024) Specifications

  • Design: Dual-tone finish with standard keypad layout
  • Dimensions: 122.00 mm x 52.00 mm x 13.14 mm
  • Weight: 87 grams
  • Display: 2.4-inch, TFT LCD Panel*, QVGA resolution
  • Chipset: Single core UNISOC T107 (22nm)
  • RAM: 64MB
  • ROM: 128MB + 32GB expandable with MicroSD card
  • OS: S30+
  • Rear Camera: Single 2MP Camera with LED Flash
  • Battery: 1,450 mAh, removable, USB Type-C charging
  • Connectivity: Dual SIM, 4G LTE, Bluetooth v5.0, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Colour Options: Y2K Gold, Grunge Black, Scuba Blue

Nokia 3210 (2024) Price in Nepal and Availability

The 2024 feature phone will be available to purchase from the HMD website starting on 15 May 2024. The price is set at GBP 74.99 for the Brits, while the rest of Europe can get it for EUR 79.99.

It is unclear if the phone will ever make it into our borders as of yet. If and when it does, we expect the 2024 variant of the Nokia 3210 price in Nepal to be NPR 13,999.

Nokia Phone Price in Europe (Official) Price in Nepal 
3210 (2024) EUR 79.99 NPR 13,999
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