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World Cup Offer on LG TVs: Whopping discounts, Free NetTV, Vianet Internet & More

Here's a list of all the LG TVs available in Nepal. The list includes LG LED TV, Smart TV, UHD TV and OLED TV. The article includes TV specs and the latest price LG TVs in Nepal.

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Television is one of the technological marvels that sits in a living room. Despite the unprecedented advancements in the internet technology, Televisions have always been welcoming source of information and entertainment. Not just on watching favorite shows, TVs have also been the primary source to entertain people with live games, sports, etc. And to help you watch such content with maximum delight, LG has a wide range of Televisions here for Nepal. In this article, we will be discussing on all the LG TVs available in Nepal. And the LG TV price in Nepal along with the deals and discounts (if any).

But before we get started, let us state that LG is the only brand that is offering a 4 years warranty on LED televisions. Well, this is a really exemplary step of LG. But what is even more exciting is that the brand is offering a huge discount (up to 31% to be precise) on its various models as the World Cup 2018 offer. Not just heavy discounts, there is also 30Mbps free internet from Vianet for three months on all the LG TVs. In addition, LG is also giving free NetTV subscription on the purchase of any LG TV. Furthermore, LG is also conducting a bumper lucky draw from which the new customers would get a chance to win a 43″ LG Smart TV every week.

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LG LED TV Price in Nepal

On LED TVs, the company has announced special price discounts up to Rs. 20,000 along with 4-years warranty. The LED TVs are available in sizes ranging from 24-inches to 55-inches. All of these LED TVs support USB for music, photos, and movies with some accepting PC input and HDMI support. The highest discount offered here is for the Model Number: 55LH545T. Its actual price is Rs. 134,990/- and the discounted price is Rs. 114,790.

Model Number Actual Price Discounted Price Specifications
55LH545T Rs.134,990 Rs.114,790 + 4 years warranty 55”, 1920*1080p resolution
49LH541T Rs.109,990 Rs.91,990 + 4 years warranty 49”, 1920*1080p resolution
43LJ525T Rs.76,990 Rs.63,990 + 4 years warranty 43”, 1920*1080p resolution
43LJ523T Rs.74,990 Rs.59,990 + 4 years warranty 43”, 1920*1080p resolution
32LJ525D Rs.53,290 Rs.36,990 + 4 years warranty 32″, 1366*768p resolution
32LJ523D Rs.51,590 Rs.35,990 + 4 years warranty 32″, 1366*768p resolution
32LJ514D Rs.39,990 Rs.32,990 + 4 years warranty 32″, 1366*768p resolution
24LH454A Rs. 26,990 Rs. 21,490 + 4 years warranty 32″, 1366*768p resolution

LG Smart TV Price in Nepal

Now, moving on to the offers on LG Smart TVs, we have four models: 32LJ610D, 43LJ617T, 49LJ617T, and 55LJ550T. The size of the TVs in this category ranges from 32-inch to 55-inch. And on all these models, LG is offering 4 years warranty. All of the SMART TVs come with some special features like OLED HDR with Dolby Vision, Infinite contrast, perfect color, self-lighting pixel, motion eco sensor and intelligent sensor.

Model Number Actual Price Discounted Price Specifications
32LJ610D Rs.62,990 Rs.47,890 + 4 years warranty 32″, 1366*768p resolution
43LJ617T Rs.92,990 Rs.67,990 + 4 years warranty 43″, 1920*1080p resolution
49LJ617T Rs.129,990 Rs.102,990 + 4 years warranty 49″, 1920*1080p resolution
55LJ550T Rs.156,990 Rs.134,990 + 4 years warranty 55″, 1920*1080p resolution

LG UHD TV Price in Nepal

Speaking of UHD TVs, they come with 4K resolution, Nano-cell Display along with active HDR with Dolby Vision. The UHD TVs offer billion rich color and ultra-luminance. The TVs come with a feature called: Magic Remote and uniquely refined webOS launcher bar. These features let the users dive into a limitless world of premium content from all of the most popular entertainment providers. Along with a powerful display, these TVs come in a slimmer size packing 4K pictures seamlessly enough to blend in with your home’s décor. Moreover, they prioritize on the clarity, color, and contrast of the pictures.

Model Number Actual Price Discounted Price Specifications
86SJ957T Rs.1,879,990 Rs.1,585,990 86″, 3840*2160p resolution
65SJ850T Rs.459,990 Rs.387,990 65″, 3840*2160p resolution
55SJ850T Rs.327,990 Rs.276,490 55″, 3840*2160p resolution
55UJ652T Rs. 225,990 Rs. 191,990  55″, 3840*2160p resolution
49UJ652T Rs.163,990 Rs.138,790 49″, 3840*2160p resolution
43UJ652T Rs.127,990 Rs. 89,990 43″, 3840*2160p resolution

LG OLED UHD TV Price in Nepal

Now, speaking of the star of the show, we have the LG OLED TVs. These TVs have a special offer included in them: a free SH4 Sound Bar worth Rs.33,490. These TVs provide features like Studio Lighting, Home Theater Performance, HDR, Bright Room Performance and Streaming. Not just that, they are the ultimate expression of a cinema-quality experience at home as they provide premium content with maximum picture quality as it contains Active HDR with Dolby Vision paired with the Dolby Atmos audio which surrounds the audience with a theatre-like experience.

Model Number Actual Price Discounted Price Specifications
55B6T Rs.647,990 Rs.556,290 55″, 3840*2160p resolution
55C7T Rs.647,990 Rs.556,290 55″, 3840*2160p resolution
65C7T Rs.876,690 Rs.739,490 65″, 3840*2160p resolution

Where to buy LG TVs in Nepal?

LG Television is sold through CG digital in Nepal. And there are numerous outlets, which these televisions are available. Some of them are mentioned below:

LG Lifestyle Mega Store, Minbhawan: 01-4106530, 4106652

LG Lifestyle Shoppe, Civil Mall: 01-4253974, 4254025

Jawalakhel: 01-5546612, 5546218

Kantipath: 01-4218116

Chabahil: 01-6205707, 4461234

Sitapaila: 01-4034562, 4034668

CG Digital, Ravibhawan: 01-4281749, 4276049

Tangal, Naxal: 01-4431837, 4411269

Kumaripati: 01-5008772, 5008771

Hattigauda: 01-4276815

Nayabazar: 01-4364072

For Dealer inquiry, inside valley: 9841463855

For Dealer inquiry, outside valley: 9855020900, 9854022560