Nepal Telecom’s 13th Annual Anniversary Offers

ntc data offer 13th anniversary
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When it comes to offers in telecommunication service providers, the credit always goes to Ncell. It is after the Ncell launching offers one after another, NTC started to join the offer bandwagon. From customers’ point of view, offers always look attractive. That said, not all offers are worth buying. But many are worth considering, especially the data offers. If you like to get connected on the go and mobile data is what you rely on then you must be checking every new offer.

Unlike Ncell, NTC reveals its offers at a slow pace. We’ve to wait for its annual anniversary to see a handful of offers. On the occasion of the 13th annual anniversary, NTC has come up with below mentioned offers, find out if there’s one that you might find helpful.

Nepal Telecom 13th Annual Anniversary Offers

  • Data Offers

In Data Offers from NTC, there are five different categories. The details on such offers follow the next: (Bear in mind, all these offers expire on 7th Falgun)

  1. Facebook Offer:
    You can get 100MB facebook data at NRs. 20. This data is valid for 5 days of time.
  2. Promotional 4G Data Offer:
    This offer is for GSM prepaid users only. GSM prepaid users can now activate 4G and get free 400MB data for 4 days that are allocated as 100MB per day.
    More on this: How To: Activate 4G and details
  3. CDMA Data Offer:
    For CDMA users, this data offer is all about bonuses. Buy 200MB or 500MB of data pack at Rs. 75 that is valid for 7 days and get another 200MB for free as Bonus. If this data pack sounds smaller, you may buy 500MB of data at Rs. 175 with a validity of 15days and get another 500MB for free as Bonus.
  4. GSM Data Offer:
    If you’re a GSM user who uses mobile data frequently. After using free data from 4G for 4 days. You can then buy 200 MB of data at Rs. 130 and get added 200MB as Bonus. Remember, you must use it within 7 days or the pack will expire by itself. If this data pack’s volume sounds deficient then you should rather buy 500MB data for Rs. 300 and get free data worth 500MB  as bonus. This data pack will be valid for 15days.
  5. GSM Night Data Offer:
    If you keep yourself busy all day and use your phone for the internet at night relying on mobile data then this GSM Night data offer is just for you. In this offer, you can buy either 500MB or 1200MB data pack for Rs. 40 or Rs. 85 respectively. The former data pack will end on the 7th day and the latter pack will end on the 15th day.
  • ADSL Offers

With other ISPs offering higher bandwidth at cheaper rates. NTC has realized its lagging and will be giving a little more bandwidth at same rates for its Unlimited ADSL subscribers. Here’s the detail on ADSL new bandwidth offer for Unlimited ADSL subscribers:

Existing Bandwidth (kbps) Proposed Bandwidth (kbps) Monthly Rate (Rs.)
192 256 900
384 512 1,500
512 768 2,700

However, there isn’t anything new for a Volume based ADSL subscriber. That is so unfair NTC, that is so unfair.

  • PSTN Landline Offer

PSTN Landline offer includes 25 additional free calls for the month of Falgun.

  • Recharge Bonus Offer

Like previous years, on this annual anniversary, NTC is giving 10% and 15% bonus amount to the recharge of Rs. 50/100/200 and Rs. 500/1000 respectively. Remember, these bonus amount will be valid for only 3 days from the date of recharge. So it’s like use it or lose it.

  • Free RBT Offer

If you’re fond of using caller ring back tone in your NTC number, now you can change your caller-tunes every day for the next 15 days for FREE. The condition is one song is valid only for 10 days.

  • 50% discount on NT Pro

If you’re an NT PRO user, you must be excited to know it’s getting 50% of discount starting from 22nd of Magh, 2073. Now the receiving call rate per minute on NT PRO is Rs. 3 only.

  • SIP Offer

This SIP offer includes,
– free SIP to SIP call
– Rs. 3/min SIP to any NT number
– Free SIP service for new ADSL & FTTH subscriber

  • Leased Line Access Port Change

Leased line port and access charge are getting remarkable price cuts from the 1st of Falgun and here’s the detail:

Description Existing Monthly Charge(Rs.) Proposed Monthly Charge (Rs.)
Port Charge 500 100
Copper Lease Access Charge 500 200
Optical Lease Access Charge 1,000 300


This was all about the offers NTC has launched for its users on the occasion of its 13th Annual Anniversary. All the rates mentioned above are exclusive of VAT and service charges.