Want to get rid of smartphone addiction? This ‘dumb’ phone will help you!

    punkt mpo2 dumb phone
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    With the rise of the internet and the development of social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., the smartphone obsession has reached a new height. With these advancements, people quite tend to adhere to their smartphones connected to the internet. Although these sorts of habits have increased the scope of digital media marketing and e-commerce platforms, it has quite hindered social interaction. So to resolve this very issue, Swiss brand Punkt has designed an MPO2 mobile phone.

    The Punkt MPO2 mobile phone is a dumb phone meaning it neither features the apps like Facebook and Instagram nor connects you to the internet. It is merely an electronic device, which aids its users to communicate with friends, family, and acquaintances through SMS and phone calls. Do you remember those good old days, when there used to be keypad-style mobile with features of calling and texting? Just like those retro Nokia phones, this Punkt MPO2 mobile comes with a small screen, no apps and no ways to connect to the internet. But unlike those retro Nokia phones, this phone costs a whopping £300 ($400) on the purchase.

    That looks too much for a ‘dump’ phone. But in their defense, Punkt claims that the sleek and lightweight design and some modern features of the device costs that premium amount. “Modern features” means that the phone is capable of producing high-quality audio with in-built noise cancellation, features micro-USB charging, anti-reflection screen, and an anti-fingerprint coating.

    Being a modern device, the handset works with the modern sized SIM cards. And as mentioned earlier, it is extremely light when compared with the modern-day smartphones. It weighs merely 88 grams, which is way lower than the 201grammed Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

    Furthermore, this device also let its users switch on 4G mobile broadband access. This feature allows the handset to act as a hotspot for the devices like laptops and tablets to tether to.