Vivo Smartphone with Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor Leaked

    This is the first look of an Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor in action. This could be the next feature outburst for smartphones.

    vivo onscreen fingerprint sensor
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    It’s been awhile since we have seen something revolutionary in the smartphone space. We have always witnessed the ever ascending upgrade of SoC, RAM, Camera, and smaller bezels. But recently, there hasn’t been a distinct feature that could really wow the consumers. This monotony could come to an end now as a recent leak suggests phones with on screen fingerprint sensor is on its way and could make it to the market by the end of this year.

    We’ve been hearing about the onscreen fingerprint sensor since last year and everyone predicted it to come with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Due to few difficulty with the technology, Samsung dropped it from the S8 and scheduled it for the Note 8, claims few rumors. But before Samsung or any other major brand could show off this technology, a leak from the Chinese microblogging site Weibo showed off the on-screen fingerprint sensor on a Vivo smartphone. Now Vivo might be a name least heard of, but it is the producer of the slimmest phone(Vivo X5 Max) and the first phone with 6GB of RAM(Vivo xPlay 5). So, this time around, Vivo could be the first phone to sport an onscreen fingerprint sensor.

    onscreen fingerprint sensor

    Looking at the video, it seems the technology hasn’t been perfected for speed. It takes more than 2 seconds to unlock the phone. We’re already used to swift fingerprint readers so until the similar speed is achieved, phones with onscreen fingerprint sensor can take some time to hit the market.

    The same technology is supposed to make headlines with the launch of 10th anniversary iPhone which is supposed to come with on-screen Touch ID. Besides this, rumors affirm Huawei P11 and phone from Xiaomi will be incorporating the onscreen fingerprint sensor. With such technology, the major concern would be of durability. What if we crack the screen? Only the future will tell!