WOW Time – NTC’s answer to IPTV in Nepal

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Everyone watches TV, no doubt there. And recent days have shown that IPTVs are on the rise. Although, far from perfect with the rising competition, we are sure that will change with time. With NET-TV on top of their game in Nepal, and why not? with ISPs like Ncell, Worldlink, and Vianet on their side. Another major ISP in Nepal, NTC has also joined the IPTV market with their own WOW Time app.

Synopsis of Wow Time App:

  • Only for NTC GSM and CDMA users
  • Available both on iOS and Android
  • Free for the first month (until Dashain)
  • Live TV Data Packs (after Dashain)

All you need to do is download the WOW time app, fire it up, insert your NTC phone number and enter the validation code you get through SMS. And you are on your way to start watching TV on your phone.

Although only limited channels are available for now, the most noticeably missing were the bunch of star sports channels from the sports section. Other than that, you can choose to watch from over 130 selected channels.

The app itself looks pretty similar to the Net-TV app. The similarities continue with videos and movie tab which loads the content directly from Youtube. Although WOW TV is also capable of playing live Radio as well.

So is this app a game changer? It isn’t any better than NET TV. But the competition will surely help the platform get better. The app clearly notifies you that their services are free until Dashain. So what happens after Dashain? Along with limited availability (only for NTC customers), we will have to see what the full version brings in.