Accurate TWS HX03 Review: Best budget TWS earphone in town?

Accurate TWS HX03 review
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If you haven’t heard of Accurate, it is because it is still new to the market of smartphone accessories. Accurate launched itself back in December 2019 with an array of accessories. What the brand aims to do is provide quality yet affordable products to the Nepalese market. And those two traits are something we, the Nepalese consumer, don’t get to see in the same product that often. Most of the time we find ourselves sacrificing one of the two for the other. The latest product off Accurate is Accurate True Wireless Earphones – TWS HX03. Because of its affordable price, it gets head-to-head with Xiaomi’s Redmi Airdots. So, we are here with our review of the Accurate TWS HX03 to help you decide if it is worth the buck you pay for it.

Accurate TWS HX03 Specifications:

  • Earphone Speaker Dimension: 13mm, 32 Ohm
  • Connectivity: Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Music Time: 4.5hours
  • Battery capacity: 40mAh (Each Earbud); 420mAh (Power case)
  • Bluetooth Version: v5.0
  • Talk Time: 3.5hours
  • Power Case Dimension: 49x 23x 59.2mm
  • Power Case Charger: Type-C (5V, 1A)
  • Color: White, Black
  • Price: 3,200

Accurate TWS HX03 – Design and Build

Power Case

Talking about the design of the Accurate wireless earphones, it is nothing to write home about. It comes with a rectangular case (power case) with a rather curved edge. The material used here is plastic which is laminated to give a glossy look. The one I used was white. If you aren’t fond of this color, it is also available in a black variant.

On the front, we get four LEDs as the battery level indicators. The case is quite portable, but you would want to be careful while taking it outdoors as the case is prone to scratches. It attracts quite a lot of smudge and dirt as well. Though it seemed sturdy initially, I started having second thought about the single hinge system as I spent more time with the product.


The earphones, that are held in place inside the case by magnets, are made of the same material as the case. When you open the case for the first time, you will notice how the top of the earphones is inspired by Apple’s Airpods. However, when you take them out, the unusual triangular stem will certainly confuse you.

Accurate TWS HX03 Earphones

From a distance, the Accurate TWS HX03 doesn’t look any different than other ordinary wireless earphones available in the market.

Accurate TWS HX03 – Pairing and Control

Getting started

Getting started with Accurate wireless earphones is quite simple. Take the earphones out of the box and let the two earphones pair with each other. You will hear a “bang” sound when it is done.

Accurate TWS HX03 - Bluetooth pairing with the phone

Then head to the scan section under the Bluetooth section of your phone and connect to HX03. Once you have done that, the earphones will automatically connect your device once you take them out of the case.

Touch-enabled controls

What sets the Accurate TWS HX03 apart from other similarly priced products is the control. It comes with touch-enabled controls on both earphones. I must admit – the control felt sloppy for the first few times. However, once I got used to it I enjoyed the snappy response of the earphones. A slight touch on either of the earphones causes the content you are playing to stop, a handy feature when you are watching movies with the screen locked.

Accurate TWS HX03 Design

A quick two touch on the right earphone will cause the next content to play. If done with the left earbud, it will either bring the ongoing audio to start from the beginning or will bring you back to the previous audio. By holding the tap a little longer, and you can interact with your voice assistant. Hold it even further, and it will reset the earphones. The case also comes with a button on the front. Pressing that will turn on the battery indicators letting you know how much juice is left in the case. A long press will turn it off.

I prefer the touch-enabled control on the HX03 to the tactile button present on the Redmi Airdots. With the former, I don’t find myself pressing the earbud further into my ear. And the button and the LEDs on the case did help me a lot.

Accurate TWS HX03 – Performance

Feel and Comfort

A great sounding earphone is useless if it is not comfortable enough. So, let’s talk about the feel of the HX03 before we discuss the actual sound quality. The HX03 doesn’t provide the best fit for the ears. It doesn’t go as deep as the Redmi Airdots, and neither closes down space. If you have used Redmi Airdots before, you will undoubtedly feel the fit to be loose.

Accurate TWS HX03 in-ear

However, the earphones are light, and you don’t feel their weight once you start grooving to the music. Throughout the review period, it didn’t come off my ears even though I had this weird feeling that it would. It feels comfortable even during long sessions of back-to-back music.

Sound Quality

Accurate wireless earphones come with 13mm drivers with 32Ohm impedance. And you won’t believe how loud it sounds. The sound at moderate levels is so high that I didn’t dare to turn it all the way up except for some time. At the maximum level, people near you will also be able to hear it, given that there isn’t much noise outside. For the price, the sound is excellent, with a decent level of detail in the output. However, if you come across any music where a lot is going at the same time, it will miss out on some details, or it will result in a sound other than intended.

Accurate TWS HX03 - watching movie

The sound starts to distort as you increase the volume, but given the loudness of the earphones, I believe no one will turn it high to the level that it starts interfering with the experience. The bass on the earphones is something that surprised me; it’s great for the price and even better than the Redmi Airdots. However, the treble isn’t on par with the bass quality. The sound does feel raw, so you will have to play with the equalizer to make the most out of the earphones. But if you are into EDM, Punk Rock, and Grunge music, you will not have that many problems with the sound.

It doesn’t come with active noise cancellation, but with the earphones on, I could hear my surroundings only when I tried really hard to. Pay sole attention to the music, and the surrounding won’t bother even if it’s a crowded bus.

However, I suggest you not have them on while walking on the streets. During my time with it, I didn’t find any latency while watching videos online. The call quality isn’t that great. The person on the other end will undoubtedly complain about not being able to hear you more often.


At moderate sound levels, I managed to squeeze about 4hours of music playback time. Once the juice runs out, it can be refilled in about an hour of charging inside the power case. The power case in its full capacity can charge the buds from 0 to 100 thrice.

Accurate TWS HX03 - Case & earphones

The power case can be charged through the USB Type-C cable provided in the box. It takes a little over 2 hours to charge the power case. The endurance is commendable, and so is the inclusion of Type-C port.


So would I recommend Accurate’s TWS HX03? For the price tag that it comes with-its a yes. The sound is decent for the price, and it complemented by even better battery life. The controls are snappy and offer everything there is to offer. To top it off, it comes with a brand warranty of six months. So, if you are thinking of going wireless yet don’t have money to go after the big names Accurate True Wireless HX03 can be one of the options for you.

Accurate TWS HX03 – Pro & Cons


  • Great bass & loudness for the price
  • Snappy touch-enabled control
  • Decent battery life
  • Comes with six months of brand warranty


  • Plastic build easily attracts scratches and smudges
  • Fit isn’t the most perfect
  • Treble isn’t good enough
  • The call quality is poor.
Design and Build
Pairing and Control
Sound Quality
Battery Backup
Value for Money
accurate-tws-hx03-reviewConsidering the price, you can't really go wrong with Accurate TWS HX03. It provides decent sound quality and the battery backup is also great. The touch-enabled control is snappy and provides you more control than its rivals. The 6 months brand warranty is just icing on the cake. After my experience with the HX03, I will definitely recommend it to someone looking for a budget wireless earphones.