Apple rumored to be working on a 13″ MacBook Air with OLED display

Apple MacBook Air OLED Rumors
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Apple’s MacBook Air is some of the most beloved thin-and-light laptops out there. But while its Windows alternatives mostly feature OLED displays these days, MacBook Air’s “Liquid Retina” screens are still LCD-based. However, some new rumors suggest that Apple is finally working on an OLED MacBook Air. This is quite interesting stuff because even the latest MacBook Pros only have mini-LED displays instead of OLED.

Apple OLED MacBook Air Rumors:

Anyway, Apple’s most recent MacBook Air with the M2 chip has a 13.6″ display while previous iterations mostly featured a 13.3″ screen. And according to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the upcoming OLED MacBook Air will span 13.4″ diagonally.

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Moreover, South Korean tech website TheElec reports that Samsung has already started developing OLED panels for the 13.4″ MacBook Air. Since LG is working on OLED screens for the 11 and 12.9″ iPad Pro, it doesn’t have the production capacity to meet demands for the MacBook Air.

But don’t expect it to launch this year

As for availability, Ross Young says MacBook Air with an OLED panel won’t arrive till 2024. So it’s likely that Apple will unveil it alongside OLED-equipped 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro. Whereas he also speculates that Apple won’t be bringing OLED displays to its MacBook Pro lineup until 2026.

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With the Pro model, Apple might opt for a double-stack OLED panel, which would need more time to create than a single-stack OLED display. In related news, Apple is reportedly working on a 15″ MacBook Air with a regular LCD screen as well. It will be powered by a 3nm-based M3 chip, which is expected to bring some major performance and efficiency gains over M2.