Apple reveals Smart Sleep Technology

apple smart sleep technology beddit
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Apple had very recently released a patent on a technology that monitors your sleep. A camera above the bed, a bunch of sensors woven into the blanket and a screen that displays the results. However, there is no date on the release, and we’re not sure if it actually will see the light of day. But here’s something that might actually be coming out soon. Apple has revealed its Apple Smart Sleep Technology.

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The technology actually comes from Beddit, which manufactures sensors and the app. And earlier this year, Apple purchased Beddit. And so, now, the company has revealed its sleep tracking technology, which comprises of a sensor and an app on your iPhone. The sensor goes under your mattress – which is actually, a 2 mm thin mat with a USB wire you connect to a power adapter.

apple smart sleep technology beddit

The sensor is in sync with the Beddit app on your iPhone, and helps to measure, manage and improve your sleep. With its tracking, it measures your sleep duration, breathing, heart rate, room temperature & humidity, and even snoring. After all the analysis, it even provides tips to help you better your sleep.

You can also set your own bedtime goals and such for every day. And the tech helps you achieve by providing notifications of morning results, reminders and weekly reports.

This app is a great addition for what Apple already offers in terms of Health and Fitness. And this technology will cost you $150. And looking at the history of Apple products prices, this is actually surprising!