Arkophone: Exchange your current smartphone for a new one

    arko phone mobile exchange in nepal
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    We all know about the hassle one has to go through in order to exchange their existing smartphone. Going from one store to another trying to get the best possible price for your device is a tedious task. However, with digitization taking over everything, things are already changing. There are various websites available through which you can exchange or sell your current device. These websites decrease the hassle one previously had to go through in order to exchange their phone. One such site that currently allows you to do something similar is

    This website currently allows users to exchange Samsung devices only. Using the website is simple too. Just head to the website and click on the “Get Started” button. The rest of the process is then clearly laid out for you. Select the type of device, the series it belongs to. And bam! You have the initial estimate for your current device.

    arkophone mobile exchange service in nepal

    Furthermore, after getting the initial evaluation the site asks you about the condition of the device. Another question that will be asked to you is about the availability of the various accessories and bills that comes with the device. The initial estimate will not increase, however, it might decrease based upon the answers you provide. In the end, you have to enter your contact details, the IMEI number of the phone and you then will receive a token. The token can be used to exchange your device from the specified outlets within one week. Also, there’s the option to place a counteroffer if you are not satisfied with the given initial estimate.

    One has to go to the mentioned outlets along with their valid identity and some photographs. There might be those who are not familiar with such sites. Well, they have aptly placed a solution for it. There’s a short clip placed on the homepage that guides one through the process.

    Well, this website certainly provides an easy way to exchange and possibly get the best value for your current device. However, they do not mention anywhere how they provide the initial estimate. This might bug some users as they would obviously want to know the basis for the given estimate. The site valued my three months old Samsung A80 at Rs. 43,995. Okay, but on what basis? There’s no explanation to that.

    Moreover, when we placed a counteroffer for our Galaxy S10, there was no reply whatsoever from them. No phone calls, no emails. Nothing! Furthermore, currently, users can only exchange certain Samsung devices through the website. It would have been great if multiple device options were available.

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    The website has a simplistic design and is easy to use. This idea that they are trying to capitalize on is certainly a great one. Easy exchange for mobile devices is not something that has been prevalent in our market. So, what they are trying to do here is great. But they obviously need some improvement. Improved customer service. And a detailed explanation about their initial price estimate should be on their priority list for now. If the company is able to do so and further build on this idea, they undeniably have a huge potential.