Choosing a Ringtone: Not that easy!

choosing a ringtone
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We all know that a Ringtone is a musts for every phone. Whether it is a feature phone or a smart phone, we all need and use ringtones. But are we choosing a ringtone in a correct way?

In this article lets try to phase out some of the common problems in choosing a ringtone and their probable solutions.


  • Ringtone is not so loud.
  • Ringtone is very loud.
  • Ringtone is not ringing.
  • Ringtone is ringing at unnecessary places.
  • Problems related to Ringtone sounds and others.

So, now since we’ve broken down the problems, here are the solutions that cover all the aforesaid problems.


Choosing a ringtone can be tough. Some people might like it loud and clear, some like it thumpy and love a glow of melody in their ringtones. But are we actually choosing a perfect ringtone? Let’s see.

A ringtone actually describes you as a person, yes it does. Just like a song you listen describes your preferences so does a ringtone you assign assigns your persona. If you own an iPhone, you might have noticed that their primary ringtone is subtle, classy and at the same time clear. That was made in a way that describes that person holding that phone. Also, i’m a big fan of the ringtones by other mobile manufacturers and if you notice all of their default ringtones indeed are something.

If you are a businessman, you would not like your phone to ring”Oppa Gangnam Style” every time someone calls you. Of course that’s a turn off. or Your phone should be in silent in your classroom (if the college/school allows you to have a phone).

So, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts before choosing a ringtone:


  1. Always choose a ringtone that is clear and subtle. Like MIDI music, there should be beats of music.
  2. Use a ringtone that has music instead of vocals. If you are using a song as you ringtone, clip to the part where there’s melody and use it.
  3. Make sure the notification sounds for your messages are clear too.
  4. Mix up your ringtones with Vibration, so that you won’t miss a thing.
  5. Ringtones with an adequate bass is good since it would be subtle at the same time clear.
  6. People with hearing problem should preferably put their phone to vibrate mode rather than pumping up the ringtone volume.
  7. Use profile management apps, to change your profile to silent or Vibrate or Loud in various locations.


  1. Try to avoid using “a song vocal” (in particular)  as your ringtone since you are sure to miss a call most of the times.
  2. It is normal to get bored after sticking with a same ringtone. But changing it too often can make you forget your current ringtone. (True story)
  3. Do not pump the Volume of your ringtone to the highest level. There are people around you and you have to respect their privacy.
  4. Do not put your phone into ringing mode when you’re in a meeting, seminar, conference, theaters or anywhere where there’s a gathering and people have something to listen to rather than your phone playing with a Bollywood number “Baby Doll mein sone di”.
  5. Lastly, Do not use offensive things as your ringtone. (I don’t think one needs a reason for that!)

There’s nothing wrong though in choosing a ringtone of the song you love the most. But make sure it can at least serve its primary purpose of letting you know of an incoming call or text.

Check out, There are tons of great Ringtones, or choose it from you default ringtones.

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