Breakage Insurance on Samsung Galaxy S8 | S8 plus in Nepal, Explained!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Insurance
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When it comes to smartphones, the greatest damage one can have in his/her phone is always the breaking of the phone’s screen or the glass. The statistics about how likely it is for one’s phone to end up with cracked screen/glass might surprise you as it surprised many of us. The data I’ve going to use here is from the Motorola’s Survey titled “Cracked Screens and Broken Hearts“. 6,000 Participants from 6 different countries participated in the survey. From the survey, it was found over 50% people around the globe have broken their phones on one or more occasions. When it comes to repairing, screen or glass replacement costs the highest, that may be the reason around 23% of the people continue to use their phone regardless of the cracked screen.

6 Months Breakage Insurance on Samsung Galaxy S8|S8 Plus in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy S8

Now, coming to the latest release from the Samsung, the Galaxy S8, and S8 plus does boast a pleasing design but we can’t neglect the fact that the phone is made of glass both on the front and the back. So, this phone is now more likely to get broken and even the Samsung knows it very well. As Samsung Mobile Nepal has offered 6months breakage Insurance on every S8 and S8 plus units being sold in Nepal.

This Insurance covers the breaking of the glass or screen from any side of the phone. The company guarantees replacement of genuine glass or screen within 2-3 days. The charges will be nominal. If the cost of repair is anything below Rs. 6,000, the owner of the phone has to pay the exact price for the repair. But, if the repair cost is anything over Rs. 6,000, the owner will only have to pay the Rs.6,000. The rest of the repair cost will be covered by the insurance. And, in case you break your new S8 and S8 Plus in a way that can’t be repaired. For instance, you got your phone run over by a motorbike or car then the insurance will get your phone not repaired but rather replaced with a new one.


It’s a really nice initiative from Samsung Mobile Nepal. I think other companies should also come up with such insurance plans in days to come. Now, you can be worry free while using your new Galaxy S8 and S8plus. Now, you no longer need to put your phone in a case to protect it from accidental drops. Hence, you can keep the premium touch and feel of your new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

Here’s our early impression on the newly released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus:

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