ByzKit HR: A perfect HR management tool for Nepali businesses

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Any company—big or small, needs to aptly manage its biggest resource, i.e employees. Thus, HRM (Human Resource Management) is one of the most integral activities for an organization. So, what software does your company currently use for this task? Or which one are you planning to use for your startup? Well, there are multiple softwares available to do that. And one such software that was launched in July last year is the ByzKit HR. In this post, I’ll be discussing what ByzKit HR has to offer and how it might be of help to your organization.

ByzKit HR Overview:

Byzkit HR is one of the subdomains of ByzKit. Basically, ByzKit is a brand focused on providing software for department management in organizations. The IT “brain” behind the software is actually from Cloudy Fox Technology. 

Byzkit HR Website Android iOS

In a single year, the company has been able to launch its web app and mobile app for both iOS and Android. However, the system is not available offline. But you can add unlimited employees in the company’s ByzKit provided domain.

Easy Signup & Setup Process

The signup process on this software is pretty straightforward. All you got to do is go to their website and enter some basic information about your company on the signup page. During this process itself, you’ll be asked to enter a domain for your company which you and your employees will be logging in. It’s basically like setting up a workspace in Slack.

The domain is provided by ByzKit itself. However, you also have the option to host this system in your own domain. And for that, you’ll have to pay extra cost. Oh, and before I forget, the app provides various packages. The Start-Up package that supports up to 10 users is absolutely free of cost. Then there are the Business and Enterprise packages. These two are part of their pay-as-your-need policy rather than the pay per system concept.

Okay, so after you signup and enter the system, you then have to enter details regarding working days, leaves, and working hours. That’s it, now you are good to go. 

ByzKit Dashboard HRM

Byzkit HR Dashboard

The dashboard for the employer summarizes some vital information. You can checkout your check-in/out time, total work time, etc. Furthermore, you can also look at the staff on leave, staff checked-in, pending leave requests, notices, calendar view with leave requests and company holidays, and much more. The information is pretty well laid out in the dashboard.

Employee On-boarding

Integrating new employees or current employees is pretty easy on this app. There’s an Employee menu available in the dashboard. When you first setup your account, you’ll need to invite other employees into the system. You can add an employee by sending them an email or import the employee list from a CSV file. Other than that, you can view the information about every employee in a card view. And you also get the option to deactivate a user, in case they have left the organization.

Leave Management

To manage leaves, you can go to the Manage Leave option on your menu. There, you can apply for leave and check out the leave reports. You can apply for leave by filling up the required information and submit your request. Then, the HR manager can look at the request and either approve or disapprove it. Notification about the action will be sent to the appropriate personnel.

Attendance Management

Likewise, you can look at the attendance summary of employees in a calendar view. It shows when a particular employee checked in and checked out on what day. And we can also add the break in the calendar.

Notice Board

You can add a new notice that will show up in other’s dashboards and you can also take a look at all the other notices that have been added.

Reports and Customized Settings

You can view two reports in the Start-Up package of the app, namely attendance and leave. You also get some quick filter options to filter through the report. Customized settings include customizing your company profile, leave types, working days, departments, and user roles.


You also get access to a cloud drive to upload your work-related documents.

Data and Privacy

The data about your employees are pretty important and thus companies will be worried about its privacy. The ByzKit HR team assures that the data is stored securely and privately. However, they do collect some information such as log data, device data, business data (analytics, transaction records). You can read more about it here on their Privacy Policy page.

No Payroll Management

There’s no option for payroll management in the start-up package. So, that’s one glaring omission. But, the company is working to bring this feature alongside others like recruitment, document storage, and Slack integration in future releases.

Byzkit HR Pricing

Like I mentioned earlier, the startup version of ByzKit HR is free. However, it only has support for up to 10 employees. So, if you have more than 10 employees in your office, you will need to upgrade your HRM package. The table below summarizes the pricing of various packages of the ByzKit HR software.

Package Number of Users Email/Telephone Support Monthly Cost Annual Cost
ByzKit Start Up’s 0-10 3 Business Days Free Free
ByzKit Business 11-99 2 Business Days NPR 250 per user NPR 200 per user
ByzKit Enterprise 100+ Same Day Fill in the form requesting a quotation based on the number of users

ByzKit HR: Conclusion

Overall, the ByzKit HR software looks pretty good. Whether you are a startup or a well-established business, ByzKit HR has the tools and all the features that you’ll require to manage the human resource side of your company conveniently. 

Ease of Use
byzkit-hr-management-toolByzKit HR is an HRM tool that you can use to manage all the HR related tasks in your office. It offers features such as attendance management, leave management, and much more. Furthermore, everything is presented in a visually pleasing manner. However, it does leave out payroll management.