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Earbuds Price in Nepal

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Earbuds Price in Nepal

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Earbuds in Nepal:

Over the years, wireless earbuds have gained a lot of popularity among Nepali users. With most of the brands removing headphones jack from their mid-range and flagship phones, TWS earbuds have become a sort of necessity. On the other hand, most brands don’t ship wired earphones, even in phones with a headphone jack, and when users have to buy headphones separately, they usually prefer wireless earbuds over wired headphones. And why could not they? TWS technology has come a long way and there are a lot of ranging from budget to flagship. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as custom features. There are a lot of brands competing in the growing TWS market of Nepal. Nepali brands like Ultima and Gravity compete against MIVI, Noise, and Boat in the sub-5K segment. Under NPR 100,000, you can get quality earbuds from trusted brands like Anker and JBL. This is also where smartphone brands like Oppo, Realme, Honor, and OnePlus are most active in Nepal. Mid-range earbuds in Nepal cost up to NPR 20,000, but there are not a lot of them. Anything above the NPR 25,000 mark is the flagship in Nepal, and this is where you will find the most “Pro” earbuds like that of Samsung, Apple, Bose, and Sony.

Things to Consider while buying Earbuds in Nepal

Genuine Products

With the TWS segment booming in Nepal, the market has been flooded with counterfeit and fake products. While the low price can be tempting, we recommend buying a genuine product instead, even if it means spending more. Genuine products have better build and sound quality. They also come with better warranties and customer support even things so south.

Design and Fit

Since earbuds are worn it's important to make sure the design is user-friendly. Earbuds need to be lightweight and they should complement the contour of the ear. Most earbuds in Nepal have silicone tips that you can change based on your preference. It offers a more secure fit than making it less likely to fall off. Some earbuds like the Redmi Buds 3 LIte even feature ear hooks for extra security during workouts and exercises.

Audio Drivers / Tuning

The drivers are among the most advertised specs of TWS or any audio product. These are what produce the actual sound. There are different types of audio drivers but the most popular ones are the dynamic drivers. Some high-end earbuds have dual drivers setup for better sound. The tuning of the drivers also matters a lot. Brands have their own signature sound which appeals to their target customers. For instance, JBL and Beats usually have bass-first sound whereas Apple’s AirPods sound more balanced in comparison. A lot of earbuds come with companion apps that let you change sound profiles and other settings.

Noise Cancelation

Over the years, Active Noise Cancelation has been a major bragging right among brands. It means the ability for the headphone to cancel out background noise. It is usually represented in dB of noise that it can cancel. You can find TWS earbuds with ANC even under NPR 10,000 in Nepal but they are not in the same level as the Pro options from Apple and Samsung. Most ANC earbuds also offer Transparency mode that allows the user to be aware of the environment and to interact with it. Some newer models even have Adaptive ANC that adjusts itself based on the ambient sound.


Another thing to look for is the wireless technology. Most of the TWS earbuds use Bluetooth whereas newer one comes with Bluetooth LE which make them more power efficient. Moreover, you should use codecs wisely. The most basic wireless earbuds in Nepal have SBC as the main codec whereas more expensive ones come with AAC. The high-end TWS have LDAC for lossless compression. Other than sound quality, audio codecs also determine the latency which is crucial for gamers. An advanced codec like aptX offers lower latency compared to something like SBC—resulting in a better gaming experience.


Most earbuds offer one of the two possible control mechanisms: touch and physical buttons. The physical buttons are rare these days as it can cause discomfort. On the other than, touch controls can get annoying at times because of their sensitivity. Basic controls involve play/pause, next and back. More advanced controls like volume adjustments and noise cancellation modes are reserved for high-end earbuds. There are earbuds that allow users to change how the control works through the companion app. 

Battery Life

Limited battery life used to be a major deal breaker for TWS earbuds but not so more. Even the budget earbuds like Atom 192 offer exceptional earbuds in Nepal. Brands often advertise combined battery life which is the endurance which takes into account the capacity of the carrying case as well. Difference brands use different tests to measure battery life so it is wise to check out reviews for more accurate numbers.

Where to buy TWS earbuds at the best price in Nepal?

We recommend getting wireless earbuds from authorized distributors and genuine sellers. You can browse through a wide range of audio products from Gadgetbyte along with the corresponding buy links. You can choose from a number of sellers and platforms and get the best deal for you. 

TWS earbuds Price in Nepal [Summary]

S. No. Best wireless earbuds in Nepal Price
01 Ultima Atom 192 Rs. 2,699
02 Kick Buds S Pro Rs. 2,999
03 Anker R50i Rs. 4,499
04 OnePlus Nord Buds 2 Rs. 6,199
05 OnePlus Buds Z2 Rs. 9,999
06 Beats Studio Buds Rs. 16,499
07 Nothing Ear (2) Rs. 15,999
08 Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Rs. 27,999
09 Apple Airpods Pro (2nd Gen) Rs. 41,999
10 Sony WF-1000XM5 Rs. 46,999