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Wings Phantom 345

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The Wings Phantom 345 is a transparent case with an LED display indicating battery charge and battery level. It features an in-ear fit with a silicone tip, has an IPX5 rating, and weighs 35 grams. The earbuds have a 13-mm high-fidelity driver and two mics for better noise control. They support AAC and SBC codecs and have a separate gaming mode.

Starting Price  3,799






13 mm

Noise Cancellation



Up to 10 hours

Ingress Protection

IPX5 (earbuds)

Wings Phantom 345 Overview:


Wings Phantom 345 adopts a transparent case design, with the buds resting on the exterior. On the inside of the transparent design rests the LED display to indicate the percentage of the capsule’s charge as well as the level of battery remaining in the left and right earbuds.

Moving to the earbuds, they are an in-ear fit with a silicone covering at the tip. In addition, the Phantom 345 has an IPX5 rating. And the product overall weighs around 35 grams, which is pretty lightweight. In addition, there are two color options to choose from: Black and White.


On audio, you would have a 13-mm high-fidelity driver for every earpiece. Furthermore, the Phantom 345 ships with two mics on individual pieces. This means the buds have a better way to control outside noise during calls and such, paired with the “Smart” ENC.

Further, the buds have both AAC and SBC codec support. There is even a separate gaming mode, reducing the latency to around 40 ms.

Rest of the specs

On the flip side, the earbuds alone last for around 10 hours of playback. The case further backs the buds for an additional 40 hours of life. This means, in total, the Wings Phantom 345 as a whole lasts 50 hours combined.

The Phantom 345 even charges fully in 1.5 hours if all the charge is depleted. Similarly, only charging the buds takes nearly an hour. Furthermore, the Wings Phantom 345 uses Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity and USB-C for cable.

Wings Phantom 345 Price

The price of Wings Phantom 345 in Nepal is NPR. 3,799. You can find it in retail or online markets such as Daraz.

Wings TWS Price in Nepal
Phantom 345 NPR 3,799

Wings Phantom 345 Specifications Compare

Earbuds: Unspecified
Case: Unspecified
IP Rating
Earbuds: IPX5
Case: No
Colors Black, White
13 mm
Codecs AAC, SBC
Microphone (per buds) 2
Active Noise Cancellation No
Others Gaming Mode (40 ms), ENC
Bluetooth 5.3
Companion App No
Earbuds Up to 10 hours
Case Up to 40 hours
Charging USB-C
Features Touch Controls