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HiFuture Smartwatch Price in Nepal

Check out the latest price of the latest HiFuture smartwatches in this list. HiFuture is a Shenzhen based brand that specializes in smartphone accessories. As such they sell all of it from smartwatches, smart glasses to TWS earbuds.

Though there are lots of other renowned players like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and Honor, and some accessories-focused ones like Boat, Anker, and Noise, local brands like Ultima, Gravity, and Accurate are competing toe-to-toe in the budget segment in Nepal. HiFuture is on its way to gaining some mass here. You will find specifications and an overview of all of their smartwatches in this list alongside their latest price.

To help you choose the best smartwatch for your requirements, here is a complete list of HiFuture smartwatch price in Nepal alongside and detailed specifications.

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HiFuture Smartwatch Price in Nepal

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HiFuture: Brand Overview

HiFuture is a Chinese consumer electronics company with a variety of audio products and smart wearables. Its products are available in 30+ countries around the globe. Now, the brand has its focus to the growing smartphone accessories space and sells TWS earbuds, portable speakers, and smartwatches.

Being a budget centric brand, HiFuture is determined to provide good quality products at an affordable price. The brand entered the Nepalese market in 2021. You can currently find budget range of smartwatches, and wireless earbuds from the company in Nepal.

HiFuture Smartwatch  

HiFuture sells a number of smartwatches in Nepal. They are mostly budget watches aimed at casual users. Starting at around the NPR 4,999 mark, these smartwatches offer basic health and wellness features like SPO2 monitoring, heart monitoring, sleep tracking, and so on. On the flip side, smart features include support for Bluetooth calling, remote controls, and so on. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the dozens of sports modes and activity tracking on HiFuture Smartwatches.

HiFuture Smartwatch Price List (2023) 


HiFuture Smartwatches

Price in Nepal

HiFuture Future Fit Pulse

रू 5,499

HiFuture Future Fit Evo

रू 6,999

HiFuture HiWave

रू 8.499

HiFuture FutureFit Ultra 2

रू 8,999

HiFuture Ultra2 Pro

रू 10,999

HiFuture FutureGo Pro

रू 11,999

HiFuture FutureFit Ultra

रू 12,999

HiFuture FutureGo Mix2

रू 12,999

HiFuture HiGear Stainless Steel

रू 17,999


HiFuture in Nepal: Conclusion

HiFuture is an emerging brand in Nepal for smartphone accessories.The brand is commitment to providing value at an affordable price point. Ultima customers are well-satisfied with the brand and it only continues to grow. Though mostly on the budget side, Ultima products feel well-built and work as intended. They are also easily accessible and can be purchased from retail stores as well as online merchants like Hukut and Daraz. As such, Ultima Lifestyles has a bright future ahead.