Blue light from smartphone displays - How to be safe - blue light filters

What’s the blue light from the display doing to you?

First things first, let us discuss blue light. We all know that light is made up of electromagnetic particles that travel in waves. These...
top best smartphones in Nepal

Best Smartphones of 2017 to buy in Nepal

If you're looking for the best smartphone of 2017, you've come to the right place..
best camera smartphones in nepal with price

Best Camera Smartphones in Nepal

Photos have been part of our life these days. We do things and take a snap. A single click, which lets you save a...
what is SAR value in smartphones

What is SAR value in Smartphone and Why Should You Care?

SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. It is the measure of the rate at which energy (in Watts) is absorbed by the human body...
Free, public wifi are not safe - How to be safe on public wifi network

Free, Public Wifi is Not Safe! What can you do?

You can find free Wifi in most of the public places these days. Caf├ęs, Restaurants, Hospitals and even public Buses let you use Wifi....
Things to consider while choosing smartphone Soc - Which smartphone soc should I choose

Things to consider while choosing a smartphone SoC

Buying a smartphone? But don't know which processor to choose? We've explained technical jargons in this article to make your decision easy.
best smartphones 25000 nepal

Best Smartphones Under Rs. 25,000 in Nepal

Nepali smartphone market is dominated by the mid-range phones that cost between Rs.20,000 to Rs.35,000 and the very sweet spot in this price range...
LG TV price in Nepal - Price of LG TVs in Nepal

LG TVs Price in Nepal [Dashain Tihar Offer]

Needless to say, Dashain is the most primary reason for celebrations for all Nepalese across the globe. More than just being a reason for...
best google chrome extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions You Should Install Right Now

If we are on your computer, then the majority of time is spent in the browser, so it's necessary to have the right tools...
price of sony bravia tv in Nepal

Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal [Dashain Tihar Offer]

Gone the days when we were obliged to sit in front of a fat bellied Television screen. And the struggles because of the narrow...

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