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Top Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nepal

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The number of internet users in Nepal is growing very fast. Considering the latest data, the internet penetration in Nepal has reached a whopping 63%. And as more people are starting to use the services like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Online Games, E-class, etc, many are installing internet. However, Nepal still doesn’t have good internet service. The Internet connection you choose can have a major impact on your productivity as well. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time to invest in thoroughly exploring all the options. As a result, we often wind up making a hasty, less than ideal choice.

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Everywhere you look Internet Service Providers (ISP) are touting with their marketing schemes, and it’s easy to get confused by the various choices on offer. All of us are looking for the fastest internet option at a budget-friendly price, and we often overlook the features such as after-service support, installation fees, and reliability. So you don’t make this mistake, we’ve researched the best yet affordable internet service providers in Nepal and wrapped it down to 4 of them in this article:

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Top 4 Internet Service Providers in Nepal:

1. Vianet

vianet ISP in Nepal

Vianet was established in 1999 in Nepal. As it uses Optical Fiber technology, it stands out from rest. It provides a wide range of internet package including both limited and unlimited internet access.

With the growing number of internet users, the need for flexible, quality and cost-effective internet plans is also growing. Keeping these things in mind, Vianet has been providing a stable connection with high-quality internet service to the customers.

Vianet offers 6 Mbps unlimited internet for Rs. 1,582 (including tax) per month and 12 Mbps unlimited for Rs. 2,034 (including tax) per month. While, for data package service, there are 3 packages to choose from. They are PLUS, RUSH, and PRO packages. The PRO package would be the best choice for a home user as you get 120 GB at 5 Mbps and the default speed at 512 Kbps at Rs. 1,469 (tax included) for a month.

The charge for FTTH cable and installation services depend on the package you choose to order, however, you need to pay Rs. 2,500 for the ONU device (rental service). Vianet offers plenty of discounts if you choose to install 3 months/12 months service at a time.

Vianet Packages and Tariffs

Package Bandwidth Fall back speed Volume per month Total Installation Price per month
Fiber Home


Value Plus 12 Mbps Unlimited  Rs 5,300 Rs 1,300
Value Extra 18 Mbps  Rs 5,450 Rs 1,450
Super Value 30 Mbps  Rs 5,650 Rs 1,650
Max Value 60 Mbps  Rs 6000 Rs 2,000


2. Worldlink

Worldlink which claims to be the largest ISP in Nepal offers FTTH service at a wide range of speed and data package. They serve internet to home, business, and enterprise, and have a good coverage. If you are a home user you may want to stick with Fiber-Home service. This service offers 5 Mbps unlimited access at Rs. 1,525 (Tax included). In addition, you have to pay for drop wire which costs Rs. 1,278 (Tax included), Rs.1695 for Fiber router (Tax included) and a deposit fee of Rs. 1,500.

Besides this, 10 Mbps unlimited access and data package options are also available. While talking about reliability, Worldlink & Vianet are pretty much in a head-to-head confrontation with one another.

Worldlink Packages and Tariffs

Package Bandwidth Fall back speed Volume per month Total Installation Price per month
Fiber L 10 Mbps Unlimited Rs 3,981 + 1,500 (refundable) Rs 1350
Fiber XL 25 Mbps Rs 4,281 + 1,500 (refundable) Rs 1,650
Fiber XXL 50 Mbps Rs 4,781+ 1,500 (refundable) Rs 2,150
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3. Subisu


Subisu was one of the best ISPs in Nepal a while back. However, now, users are rating it down. It attracted users because of its speed, reliability & services. It seems to have gone in the opposite direction, though. A lot of users are complaining about its slower speed, long downtime, and other problems.

Subisu currently offers FTTH, Cable as well as wireless internet service. In spite of their problems with speed and downtime problems, they have plenty of packages for unlimited as well as data plan services. There are a lot of package services within a decent price range. And to know more about their services, it’s better to contact Subisu through the phone as their website is rather confusing.

Talking about reliability, the speed seems to be reliable but the problem is their service. Mostly, Subisu users lodge complaints when their internet is down, but they barely get any help from the company. However, the users who are near to Subisu’s office location seem to have no problems except for the downtime once in a while. If the company can resolve this problem then they might rise up to be the best ISP in Nepal.

Subisu Packages and Tariffs

Package Bandwidth Fall back speed Volume per month Total Installation Price per month


7 Mbps     — Unlimited Rs 3,000 + Rs 30 per meter  (optical fiber cable) Rs 1,158
10 Mbps Rs 1,358
30 Mbps Rs 1,658
60 Mbps Rs 2,058
Data Plan 10 Mbps 1 Mbps 120 GB Rs 958
25 Mbps 2 Mbps 420 GB Rs 1,358
55 Mbps 5 Mbps 620 GB Rs 2,558

4. Classic Tech

Classic Tech is the best wireless Internet Service Provider in Nepal. It also provides internet via fiber. Classic Tech is used by some well-known Nepali offices like Nepal Police headquarters, NPL, NAC, etc, and are trusted by them. They provide good customer care and a lot of people suggest Classic Tech.

Classic Tech provides 12 Mbps unlimited for Rs. 777, 18 Mbps unlimited for Rs. 999, 30 Mbps unlimited for Rs. 1099 and 60 Mbps for Rs. 1199, tax excluded. The installation costs Rs. 3000, FTTH cable costs Rs. 1000 and fiber router costs Rs. 1500 (Tax excluded). However, it offers free installation, FTTH cable and fiber router which is valid only for the annual subscription.

Classic Tech Packages and Tariffs

ISP Package Bandwidth Fall back speed Volume per month Total Installation Price per month
Classic Tech Pro Package 12 Mbps Unlimited Rs 2,500 +Rs 1,500 (refundable) Rs 1,300
18 Mbps Rs 1,450
30 Mbps Rs 1,650
60 Mbps Rs 2,000
SoHo Plan Shine 6 Mbps Rs 4,000 Rs 1,800
Flash 12 Mbps Rs 4,000 Rs 3,000

Note: These prices are excluding of tax.

FTTH is growing faster these days and is replacing copper infrastructures such as telephone wires and coaxial cable. However, the price that the Internet Service Providers are charging still doesn’t make sense when you compare it with other south Asian countries. Moreover, Internet Service Providers are charging a hefty sum of money for the unlimited package. Most of the ISPs are therefore providing volume-based service at an affordable price.

There are a lot of other Internet Service Providers in Nepal which provide good internet like NT WiMax, Otel, Ncell, etc. So which ISP do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below.