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PCI Express 7.0 Announced Specifications

PCI Express 7.0 announced with double the bandwidth speed of PCIe 6.0

Although we have only recently begun to see PCIe 5 compatible motherboards and sockets, PCI-SIG has revealed its next-generation PCI Express 7 (PCIe 7)...
PCIe 6 Announced Specifications Availability

PCIe 6 specs already finalized: Will double the bandwidth of PCIe 5

Although PCIe 5 has just arrived with Intel's 12th gen Alder Lake processors (AMD has also announced PCIe 5 support for the Ryzen 7000...
Motherboard price in Nepal Intel AMD MSI Asus Gaming PC Build

Motherboard Price in Nepal [Updated]: Intel and AMD

A motherboard is the main component of your PC that holds all other parts together. It determines the number and the type of components...