PCI Express 7.0 announced with double the bandwidth speed of PCIe 6.0

PCI Express 7.0 Announced Specifications
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Although we have only recently begun to see PCIe 5 compatible motherboards and sockets, PCI-SIG has revealed its next-generation PCI Express 7 (PCIe 7) standard. The company has revealed early details of the new interface, and the complete specification is expected to be released in 2025. Read along to learn more about the PCI Express 7.

PCI Express 7 Overview:

Since the beginning, each PCIe version has doubled the bandwidth speed of its predecessor. And the PCIe 7 doubles the bandwidth speed even again. 

PCI Express 7 (PCIe 7.0) Bandwidth Speeds

Its raw bit rates reach up to 128 GT/s; with bi-directional speeds of up to 512 Gb/s in an x16 configuration. For comparison, the PCIe 6.0 has a raw bit rate of 64GT/s and a bandwidth speed of 256GB/s in an x16 connection. 

Furthermore, PCIe 7 employs PAM4 signaling, a multilayer signal modulation format used to transmit signals. This was first introduced with PCIe 6. Similarly, the new standard improves power efficiency, and latency, and is also backward compatible with prior generations.

PCIe 7 is developed to meet the needs of data-intensive applications. This includes applications with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as hyper-scale data centers.

PCI Express 7 Availability

The full specs of PCIe 7 standards are due in 2025. As a result, we can expect the first PCIe 7.0 products to enter the market in 2027 or in the years thereafter.

Interface Standard Launch 
PCI Express (PCIe 7.0) 2025
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