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Google launches AI-based shopping tool that lets you try on clothes virtually

Shopping online is now a part busy schedule, but chances are we don't find clothes as expected or cannot decide whether certain clothes fit...
Flipkart Sastodeal Partnership

Flipkart, Sastodeal Partnership: What It Is & What It’s Not

Nepal’s e-commerce scene is slowly and gradually growing bigger with every passing day. But comparing the trend with other developing countries, our country’s growth...
gyapu starts selling laptops and smartphones

Gyapu starts selling laptops, smartphones and accessories

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need and importance of online shopping platforms. In a time where all other services were suspended, e-commerce sites stepped...
Sastodeal accused of stealing promotional content from Thulo

Sastodeal accused of stealing promotional content from Thulo: How serious is the issue?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The supply of essential goods has been the prime issue of concern during the country-wide lockdown against the...
Essential Goods Shopping during the lockdown

Online shopping platforms offering deliveries of essential goods during the COVID-19 lockdown

While the entire world is facing a serious threat, it is our duty as a species, to help out in any way we can....
Nimbus Bazaar launched, online grocery shopping nepal

Nimbus Bazar is here to supplement your grocery needs during this lockdown

The world is on alert due to the spread of COVID-19 and Nepal is also trying its best to avoid it as well. Amidst...