Google launches AI-based shopping tool that lets you try on clothes virtually

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Shopping online is now a part busy schedule, but chances are we don’t find clothes as expected or cannot decide whether certain clothes fit us. Google has come up with solutions for this issue; Try-On and Fine-tune searching, which are now accessible in the United States. The newly introduced “Try On” feature enables women to observe how tops appear on real-life models of different sizes, colors, etc., assisting them in understanding the fit more effectively. Also, users have the ability to fine-tune their search criteria to locate the specific clothing item they are seeking.

Google Fine-tune searching

When it comes to shopping in physical stores, we have the convenience of finding clothes that match our preferences, trying them on, and getting suggestions. However, online shopping often requires us to tirelessly search until we discover the perfect item. To tackle this challenge, Google is working on utilizing machine learning models and visual matching algorithms.


This technology allows users to refine their searches through various colors, styles, and patterns and locate the desired clothing items with greater ease. Moreover, these algorithms go a step further by suggesting clothing options from multiple retailers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

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Google Try-On Feature

Buying clothes online and getting disappointed by how it looks on us has been a much more common story. Google’s new generative AI model can take a single clothing image and provide a representation of how it would appear on various real models. These models represent different sizes, colors, and ethnicities, allowing users to choose the one that closely matches their own appearance.



By considering different factors like draping, folding, clinging, and stretching, as well as the formation of wrinkles and shadows, the AI model provides a more understanding of how the fabric will appear on the user, allowing them to gain a clearer visualization of its overall look.

Availability and Expanding Accessibility

Google is working on enhancing and expanding these features to make them more optimized and accessible worldwide. While currently available only in the United States and limited to women’s tops of brands like Anthropologie, Everlane, H&M, and LOFT., Google has plans to extend the availability globally and is exploring the application of these features to men’s clothing as well.