Nimbus Bazar is here to supplement your grocery needs during this lockdown

Nimbus Bazaar launched, online grocery shopping nepal
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The world is on alert due to the spread of COVID-19 and Nepal is also trying its best to avoid it as well. Amidst the fear of the virus, many of us aren’t allowed to go out. Keeping the situation in mind, Nimbus Nepal has brought Nimbus Bazar so that you have your groceries delivered to your home through online orders.

Nimbus Bazar

Nimbus Bazar is an online grocery store that will deliver your orders to your doorstep. It deals in Byanzan products which include edible oils, flour, lentils, pickles, sanitation products, and dog foods. As of now, the site offers services only inside the Kathmandu Valley. For orders above NRs. 2000, the service won’t cost you anything otherwise you will have to pay NRs. 200 for the delivery service.

You can visit the site by clicking here.

Nimbus Bazaar products, online grocery shopping in nepal

That being said, the site is still in its beta state. And many of the features don’t work the way they should. I tried to navigate through the site trying to get information about payment, shipping and return policy but each of the links kept redirecting me to the homepage. I hope Nimbus Nepal will fix these soon and I hope to see the site fully functional.

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But is it safe?

Many of us might be questioning the safety of the service as people are still moving if not you. I don’t blame you, even I have the same question. To this, the company has assured that it will be taking every measure possible to keep both its staff and customers safe. All the staffs including the ones involved in the delivery process are trained and aware of the precautions against the infection.

It may not be a fully functional start but we need to start somewhere, I guess. This initiation could help a lot of people who are afraid to go out during the outbreak.

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