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Raspberry Pie 5 price in Nepal

Raspberry Pi 5 with in-house silicon is 2x faster than Pi 4.

Raspberry Foundation, the organization behind the highly popular Raspberry Pi, has announced a new single-board computer-the Raspberry Pi 5, as a successor to Raspberry...
Raspberry Pi Pico Announced Si RP2040 Specs Feature Price Availability

Raspberry Pi Pico based on in-house RP2040 silicon launched for $4

Inspired by Apple's new in-house silicon for its MacBooks, folks at Raspberry Pi Foundation decided to come up with one of their own. The...
raspberry pi 4 launched

Raspberry Pi 4 is here with powerful internals: All in the same price

Raspberry Pi is one of the best things about tech. In a portable body that comes in the size of a credit card, the...