Daraz Gems is a new reward system that lets you earn discount vouchers for simple tasks

Daraz Gems Unveiled How to use Free Discount Vouchers
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Since its launch, Daraz is continuously engaged to revolutionize the way people shop online in Nepal. Now, it has launched a new in-app feature called Daraz Gems. Simply put, it’s an easy way of earning free vouchers.

Daraz Gems Overview:

Before we proceed, let’s first learn what the “Daraz Gems” exactly is. Basically, it is a reward system for users who are consistently engaging and active in the Daraz app. What’s more, you may collect these Gems for free using the app and exchange them for free vouchers. Then, you can use those vouchers for discounts on your purchases.

How to collect the Gems?

Here, the Gems can be collected in three easy ways. For this, you must either check in to the app on a regular basis, complete daily missions, or make purchases via the app.

Under the first process, you can simply claim gems as rewards every day you log into the app. This option will be accessible by clicking the “Gems” menu on the homepage. If you log in daily without missing a day, you can collect up to 400 gems on Day 7. But failing to do so will reset the gems timer back to Day 1’s parameters, with just 50 gems to bag.

Likewise, users can earn gems by completing daily missions as suggested in the app. It includes “add to cart”, making any product searches, following a store, and more. And finally, one can even earn them when shopping for any products via the Daraz app as well.

Furthermore, you can view your Gems history by clicking on the “Gem History” icon on the homepage. This includes the stats for the number of gems collected and spent.

Daraz Gems: Availability

This new feature is available in the latest release of the Daraz app on both the Android and iOS platforms. So, in case the Daraz app on your phone doesn’t show this feature, make sure you’ve updated it to the latest version.

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