Daraz Seller Summit 2018: Big plans to move forward in Nepali e-commerce industry

daraz seller summit 2018
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Over the years, Daraz has been consistent is in providing a platform for sellers to sell and buyers to buy. And all of that is getting better than ever with the plans Daraz has in stores. Now you may have a question on whether or not the company will change its name to Alibaba. Well, no. Not right now. However, Daraz Nepal is now developing some interesting systems and work plans alongside the Chinese company. It presented those plans in the Daraz Seller Summit 2018 held on 17th September 2018. At the event, over 650 Daraz seller and media personnel were introduced with quite a few strategies which will probably map Daraz Nepal’s future.

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Well first things first, Daraz is handing over the tools of its system to the sellers themselves en route to make the customer service better. And for that, Daraz will be using a three-step approach. The first step is to hand over the tool itself so that the sellers will sell the products themselves. They will also be able to create new campaign themselves and interact with their customers themselves.

daraz seller summit 2018 daraz nepal ceo

The second step involves maintaining the quality and controlling the whole service transaction by the company itself. And the final step comprises of building a “seamless and foolproof Business Process”.

This new system will go online on the 29th of this month. According to Daraz, it will change the whole landscape of online shopping. Speaking at the event, Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO of Daraz group said, “Sellers are the heart of Daraz’s e-commerce ecosystem. Making it easy for small-and-medium-sized businesses to do business anywhere is our primary mission.

He later added, “We believe that the best person to sell a product or a service is the seller himself – not Daraz. That’s why we want to give the sellers all the tools to do this independently. Our job is to build the tools and the control systems to ensure that the customer is always 100% protected in every single transaction.”

Another major announcement of the event was the coming together of the company and Nabil Bank. According to Anil Keshary Shah, CEO of Nabil Bank, the bank will now provide SME Loan to the Daraz Sellers and will be partnering with Daraz for the digital payment system.

Daraz Nepal also launched a new service called Daraz Express. This venture has introduced Daraz Hub for a faster delivery, products’ easy drop-offs, customers return and pickups.

Time and again, Daraz Nepal has introduced various offers and campaigns to its customers. And it will now be bigger than ever by the looks of it. In addition to the Black Friday, Dashain Dhamaka and Mobile Week campaigns among others, the company will introduce 11:11 sale offer on 11th of November. This sale, like any other sale campaign, will include discounts, gifts and lots of other exclusive deals.