DJI Mavic Mini Price in Nepal [Updated]

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DJI Mavic Mini is an affordable and compact drone that is well-suited for beginners. And in this article, we will get into the specs, features, availability, and official price of the DJI Mavic Mini in Nepal.

DJI Mavic Mini Overview:

The Mavic Mini is the smallest and lightest drone in DJI’s lineup. This foldable UAV weighs merely 249 grams, which makes it a notable option for those who value ultra-portable drones with a sleek build. But don’t let its miniature stature fool you. The device is jam-packed with impressive features to make aerial photography fun and drone flying accessible to everyone.

The Mavic Mini is brought by DJI to make it easier to fly drones for reasons, where there are strict rules for civilians to fly heavier Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. But despite being small and light, the drone regulations in certain countries don’t allow to the Mavic Mini without a drone flying permit. So it’s highly recommended to check the drone regulations in your local region before getting one of these.

Going by the specs, the mini drone features a 12MP 1/2.3” sensor with a 24mm f/2.8 lens on the top. The camera on the device can shoot up to 2.7K videos (2720 x 1530 pixels) at 30 fps. But you can also scale down the resolution to Full-HD (1080 x 1920 pixels). In doing so, you will get a 60 fps frame rate and 40Mbps bitrate. The UAV misses out on the 4K recording option. However, it comes with a three-axis gimbal, which will help you take super smooth footage even when there is a low-wind condition.dji mavic mini controllerThe power juice to fly the device is provided by a 2400mAh battery. With a full charge on its battery, you can fly it continuously for 30 minutes. And while flying the device, controls can be made by pairing the drone with your Android and iOS devices via DJI Fly App. Since the device is equipped with GPS and GLONASS, the hovering is quite precise. The Mavic Mini has a range of up to 4km. And while the drone is in this range, the Mavic Mini can send live HD videos to the controller.

dji mavic mini fly more combo

DJI Mavic Mini Price in Nepal and Availability

The price of DJI Mavic Mini in Nepal is Rs. 41,500 for the Standard combo. There’s also the Fly More Combo available for Rs. 66,500. You can purchase the drone at the official price from Hukut Store.

DJI Mavic Mini Price in Nepal  Availability
Standard Combo Rs. 41,500 Hukut
Fly More Combo Rs. 66,500