Garmin announces new “Solar Edition” sports smartwatches

Garmin Smartwatches Solar Edition Launched
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Some use the smartwatch as an extension of the smartphone, some just wear it for fashion, while some use it use them as a fitness tracker. What do you use your smartwatch for? If you use it to track your sports activities then you should take a look at Garmin smartwatches. Recently, Germin has introduced a solar charging feature to its lineup of sports smartwatches. Read along to know more about these Solar Edition Garmin smartwatches, including the specs, features, expected price, and availability in Nepal.

Garmin Smartwatches: Solar Edition

Instinct Solar

The Instinct Solar GPS sports watches were first introduced in 2018. This lineup consists of rugged smartwatches that can withstand severe physical conditions. The newest additions to the lineup are Instinct Solar – Surf and Tactical Edition.

Garmin Instinct Solar Edition Smartwatches

As you may have guessed from its name, the Surf Edition is for surfers and users who are more exposed to water bodies. It has dedicated activity for surfing and can keep track of tide data. It is rated for up to 100m depth. The Tactical Edition is for military personnel or anybody who loves going on adventures. It comes with night-vision google compatibility and a dedicated Stealth mode to disable location sharing and wireless connectivity.

The Instinct Solar watch can last for 24 days if used indoors. With sufficient exposure to the sunlight, it can last for more than 50 days. Similarly, you can toggle between different battery saving profile as per your convenience. The Instinct series now includes Pulse Ox2 that evaluates how oxygen is being absorbed by the body.

Fenix 6 series

There are two Fenix 6 smartwatches – Fenix 6S Pro Solar and Fenix 6 Pro Solar. These smartwatches feature Garmin Power Glass solar charging lens. Other features include different activities/training modes, GPS mapping, music streaming, REM sleep monitoring, Pulse Ox, on-device storage, and+ NFC payment. The two watches differ in battery backup. Fenix 6S Pro can last 9 days and 10.5days in indoor and outdoor, respectively. Similarly, Fenix 6 Pro Solar will last 14 days in indoor use and 16 days in outdoor use.

Garmin Fenix Solar Edition Smartwatches

Tactix Delta

Tactix Delta – Solar Edition is the fourth installment in the Tactix family. The former is based on the Fenix series. But it features military-grade build. By military-grade grade, I mean MIL-STD-810 standard. It also sports Garmin Power Glass. The battery endurance ranges from 21 days (indoor usage) to up to 24 days.

Garmin Tactix Delta Solar Edition

The Tactix Delta Solar Edition flaunts a 1.4-inch scratch-resistant sapphire lens. The steel bezel is coated with black DLC. Similarly, the rear cover is made up of steel and is coated with black PVD. To finish off, Garmin has included black tactical nylon for the military vibe. It also comes with a dedicated Stealth mode and has a kill switch as well. The switch can be used to erase user data.

Garmin Solar Edition Smartwatches Price and Availability

Solar Edition Garmin Edition smartwatches are available in Germany and other select markets. The Solar Edition Instinct, Fenix, and Tactix lineup from Garmin have a starting price of $399, $949, and $1,099, respectively.

Sports Smartwatches Starting Price
Instinct – Solar Edition $399
Fenix – Solar Edition $949
Tactix – Solar Edition $1,099
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