Gionee Initiates Phone at your Door Service

What are the things you consider while buying a smartphone? A good display, a fast processor, fast charging? Well, what about the after sales service? We are so much consumed by the looks and specs of the phone that most of the time we fail to look beyond the phones gleam and glamor and ask what’s the other important aspect; the aftersales service.

Gionee for the first time in Nepal has initiated a door to door delivery of the smartphones that you leave in the authorized service center for repair. However, for the delivery service, you’ll have to pay additional Rs.130 and your phone will be at your doorsteps within 3hours. Note that this charge is just for one way delivery. This is a really convenient service for those who are super busy or someone who don’t want to bother back and forth from the service center.

And if your smartphone suffers from the same problem even after maintenance, Gionee will collect the phone from your doors at zero cost. Currently, the service is available in Kathmandu Valley and this is a really great start for after sales service in Nepal which I hope many will find useful. Gionee is also planning to extend this service to other major cities of Nepal. If this service is appreciated by the consumers then we can expect other brands to follow the same approach which will be really convenient for the users.