GoPro Hero5 Black now in Nepal!

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    If you love extreme sports and want to capture every moment of it or you just simply like the idea of capturing your life, you should know that GoPro is the best thing out there in the market. With GoPro you can capture videos or photos in HD while still being engaged in the activity (I know even your smartphone can capture in HD but the downside with smartphone camera is that you miss out all the fun; because you are busy clicking the photos.)

    And, to Nepali GoPro fans who are waiting for an upgraded version, the wait is over. The GoPro Hero5 Black is now available in Nepal at NPR 35,000. You can buy it from Sastodeal. Why is GoPro Hero5 Black so awesome? Well, here are some of the features of GoPro Hero5 Black that make it so alluring.


    hero5_black_lcdThe Hero5 Black is 44.5mm tall and 62mm wide, weighing 117g. Although it might look small, you will be surprised by the amount of possible things you can do with it with ease. It has a touchscreen on its back which makes it very convenient to use. The new UI is so straightforward that even a first-timer can pick it up and use it in no time. Plus, the new rounded corners on Hero5 Black feels good in your hand.


    The camera can shoot 4k videos at 30fps, 2.7K at 60fps. 1440p at 80fps and 1080p at 120fps. It can take Wide Dynamic Range 12 megapixel still photos. The new GoPro supports RAW format as well. You also get increased image stability when things are little shaky– it uses electronic image stabilization rather than optical image stabilization.

    Voice Control

    This is a completely new feature exclusive to Hero5 Black and Hero5 session. You can now say few commands to start/stop recording and capturing. The voice control supports 7 languages: English (U.S., Australian, U.K.), German, French, Italian, Spanish (EU, N.A.), Chinese, Japanese.

    The disadvantage of this feature is that anyone can command your GoPro. For instance, you asked your GoPro to start recording, but your friend decided to play a joke on you and ask it to stop (friends love pranking).


    Unlike previous versions, you don’t need a separate housing to shoot in water. The inbuilt waterproof technology in Hero5 lets you shoot up to 10m inside water. So, just jump in, and start capturing!go-pro-hero-5

    Better Audio

    The new GoPro Hero5 Black has 3 microphones and the new software picks the best one for you. So, you can talk freely and need not worry about the audio quality.


    A new cloud connection feature allows  GoPro Hero 5 to auto-upload your recordings to your GoPro+ account over Wi-Fi while the camera is charging. You can then also edit and share your captures with GoPro+.



    You can now enable GPS while taking videos in GoPro Hero5 Black. Once the GPS is locked into satellite, it can collect information about your GPS path, speed, altitude, g-force, and elevation gain during your recording session. This feature was not available in previous GoPros’.

    In addition to these features, the battery on GoPro Hero5 Black is packed with twice the power compared to its predecessor. Therefore, you can record more! To find out about the battery performance, click here. Plus, the company claims this is the best product they have made so far.

    So, with the new features like voice control (that will make capturing hands-free), better audio and water-resistance, do you think you will get yourself a GoPro Hero5 Black?