Intel’s 14th Gen Desktop processors coming in 2024!

Intel 14th gen Processors Rumors
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Intel has been cooking the 14th-generation processors for quite a while now. MSI, the Taiwanese computer maker, has been doing some internal testing compared to its 13th-generation predecessor. And a leaked video from the training is out, revealing some info about the 14th gen CPUs. In this article, we’ll get to what we know about the Intel 14th Gen processors, so far.

Intel 14th Gen Processor Rumors:

The Intel 14th Gen Processors are codenamed “Meteor Lake” for mobile and “Raptor Lake Refresh” for desktop. However, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, recently confirmed that desktops will also get Meteor Lake CPUs very soon.

Minor Improvements

The leaked video showcases the comparison of the upcoming 14th Gen CPUs with their 13th-generation counterparts. It consists of Intel Core i3-13600K, Core i7-13700K, and Core i9-14900K compared against next Gen Core i3-14600K, Core i7-14700K and Core i9-14900K. Looking at the snapshot, the core counts remain the same on the i5 and i9 variants but the i7 is getting four additional E-cores, this time.

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Intel 14th Gen Processors leaks by MSI

So, the 14th-generation i7-14700K is showing a 17% average performance improvement over the i7-13700k. Meanwhile, the i5 and i9 versions are showing minor performance boosts against its predecessors. As per MSI, it is just 3% of improvements.

It is further backed up by another leaked benchmark. Here the core i9-14900KF manages to score 4,939 points, a 3.5% improvement over the last-gen processor (Intel Core i9-13900KS).

Why such a minor boost?

The 14th-generation CPU is named Raptor Lake-S Refresh which follows the same architecture as the 13th-generation Raptor Lake-S. So, what’s new then? Turns out, Intel is just increasing clock speed and cache this time, and also the E-core counts for some CPUs. Apart from that, it will also support higher frequencies for DDR5 RAM.

Intel 14th Gen Processor Launch and Availability

It has recently been confirmed that the Intel 14th Gen Processors — “Meteor Lake”, and “Raptor Lake Refresh” will be launching in mid-December, this year. As mentioned before, desktops will also be receiving a “Meteor Lake” update for them sometime in 2024.

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