Honor X9b Ad
    Honor X9b Ad

    Hey Friends, what’s up!

    We’re doing good. You know, we always think of bringing products and services to your disposal by anyways possible. Anything we can to make you closer to tech. Hence we’ve started a “DEALS” Page.


    This post is completely dedicated to the “deals” that you could get in the market. From now on, if anything will cook hot in the market, we’ll serve you through our Deals Section. We will cover the gadget deals in Nepal that are best available to our knowledge. And hey even if we’re not accurate at-times, you’re there to correct us, right!?

    We’re opening this Deals page with a deal we consider a deal-breaker for most of the handsets. YES! none other than our beloved MOTO G!

    So, what now, head to the “Deals” Page and see what’s cookin’ and don’t forget to keep checking… 😉