Introducing Portal: New File Sharing App from Pushbullet

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Pushbullet is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get links, notes, lists, files and addresses both from your desktop computer to your mobile device and vice versa. Now, you can also get your mobile notifications on PC which is really convenient. All of this is done from the Pushbullet Android app, the service’s Web site, or one of the browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox.


Now, Pushbullet has introduced another app named “Portal” that enables us to easily share files via Wi-Fi. Although transferring files via Wi-Fi is not a new thing to us all and we have got plenty of apps lying around that uses the Wi-Fi hotspot to share files. What difference can this new app make? Well, the best thing about this app is its simplicity and usability. These are the two things that Pushbullet always keeps in mind for it’s users. Does this app stand out from the rest of file sharing apps? Well, we have to find that out ourselves.

To use this app:

1. Download this app from the PlayStore:

2. Login to and start sharing your files.

This app has exclusively launched today, give us your opinion if this app is a hit or a miss!