Lalitpur Mobile Complex organizes Bloggers meet; updates about Lalitpur Mobile Expo

Lalitpur Mobile Complex organized a Bloggers meet om 14th of Sept. to update bloggers about its on-going Mobile Expo.

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Lalitpur Mobile Complex organized a Bloggers meet on 14th of Sept. at Lalitpur Mall. Purshottam Basnet, chairman of the Mobile Complex, started the program by giving a brief information about Lalitpur Mobile Expo that had started on the 9th September.

The Mobile Expo has been an annual event for the last three years. And this year it’s better than ever as it features smartphone companies like Samsung, Huawei, Gionee, Microsoft, Lava, Lenovo and DTC. All these brands are giving discounts on most of their products. Basnet said, “All the items sold in the expo are genuine products. We are also offering a warranty on the products”.
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The organizers claimed that almost 15,000 people have visited the expo in the even with the current weather conditions of the valley. They also mentioned that the visitors have been more attracted towards Chinese mobile companies, this time around. Lalitpur Mobile Complex is set to donate Rs. 10 to Mahabir Pun’s led National Innovation Center on every purchase of a smartphone for 1 year.


The organizers are also set to conduct a Subway Surfer gaming competition on the 16th and 17th of September in the Mall itself. The one who scores the highest points will be declared the winner, and win a smartphone. Lastly, the company shared their plans about opening a multi-brand showroom in Pokhara stating that the necessary work has already started. The Expo ends on the 18th of September, after which the Dashain schemes will begin in the complex.