How to make your Old Laptop Perform better

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If your laptop is getting slower and not performing as good as when you first bought it, then it’s time to repair. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. We’ve listed 3 different ways on how you can refresh your laptop:

1. Clean Laptop Fan and Apply Thermal Paste on CPU and GPU

The primary reason why your laptop is slowing is because of overheating. Overheating occurs because of dirt and dust inside your laptop fan and also due to drying out of thermal paste. Cleaning the laptop fan and applying thermal paste on CPU and GPU will maximize heat transfer making the laptop cool even during gaming.

thermal paste in laptop

If you are not so sure to open the laptop casing and cleaning the laptop, you can go to a laptop repair shop. They usually charge you around NRs. 1,000.

2. Installing Utility Softwares:

Installing utility software like Ccleaner, Revo Uninstaller, and, Defraggler can improve the overall health of your laptop. All of these apps are free, and will get the job done. The Ccleaner will clear the junk like redundant programs and temporary files from your hard drive or SSD. The Revo Uninstaller uses advanced scanning algorithms to find out the remaining files in the drive and remaining data in the registry and deletes remnants of already uninstalled programs. Defraggler, as the name suggests, defragments and Optimizes hard disks and individual files for more free space and faster performance.

3. Upgrade your HDD with SSD

Upgrading your Older mechanical HDD to SSD will improve loading time for programs such as photoshop and illustrator, decreases boot time (8-10 secs), improves system responsiveness, and much more.