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Home NEWS Nepal Telecom says FREE WiFi for “3 months”!!!

Nepal Telecom says FREE WiFi for “3 months”!!!

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Yes folks, Nepal Telecom; NTC (by the name we all know them from) are offering to roll out “3 month FREE WiFi” Program. And the best part, this program is not just focusing the valley people. YES! the major cities are getting it too!!!

This program comes in relation to the NTC’s expression of Social Responsibilty. Surely, we’ll be more than happy to have free internet…anytime, isn’t it!?

Although, NTC has already started rolling out such a plan in Tribhuwan International Airport, it says that other places are getting the facility soon. To name few of them, institutions like Tribhuwan University, Teaching Hostpital (Maharajgunj) are lucky enough to get the service already!

Telecom plans to install over 500 hotspots all over the country esp. in the busiest of places. We guess basically places of public convenience like Shopping Malls, Airports, Bus-Stops will get such upgrade which is actually MORE THAN WELCOMED!!

These services can be easily accessed by using any internet-enabled gadgets such as your Smartphone, iPad, Laptop, etc.