Nokia N1 : iPad Mini clone that runs Android 5.0

Nokia N1
Nokia N1
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Its a big surprise move, Nokia just unveiled an entry into the Android market with the Nokia N1 tablet and this can one of the best surprises for tablet users.

Nokia announced the Nokia N1, which is the  first Nokia-branded Android tablet. The Nokia N1 offers the innovative, predictive Nokia Z Launcher interface, and a carefully crafted industrial design by Nokia with a focus on simplicity.

Comparing Nokia N1 with iPad Mini

Nokia’s N1 is almost an identical  piece to the rear of the iPad mini. The placement of the camera, buttons, and headphone jack a bit in different position that of the iPad mini. Looking at the bottom of the device  it has the same speaker grills as of the ipad mini and what looks like a Lightning port is actually one of the first implementations of the reversible Type-C USB connector.Nokia’s N1 display is fully laminated, unlike the iPad mini 3, and the N1 is just 6.9mm thick and 318 grams in weight, both thinner and lighter than Apple’s offering.

The only things completely different than the iPad mini look are a home button, chamfered edges, and an Apple logo. There’s even “Natural Aluminum” and “Lava Grey” color schemes, and a cover that looks very much similar to Apple’s Smart Case. Unlike the majority of Android tablets on the market, the tablet will run a stock version of the latest Android Lollipop software. (If you want to know if your smartphones will get Android Lollipop update : Click the Link)

The Nokia N1 also takes advantage of Lollipop’s 64-bit support, which is packed in as a 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor paired with a 2GB RAM. The tablet included with 32GB storage with no room to expand via microSD.

Taking tips from the iPad Mini, the Nokia N1 packs a 7.9in 2,560×1,536 IPS LCD display which sports a protective layer of Gorilla Glass and Nokia’s zero air gap technology. The Nokia N1 has a large 5300mAh battery which can made a guess that the battery life will also be a strong feature of this tablet.

Nokia’s new tablet will support the older and slower USB 2.0 standard rather than the latest USB 3.1.

Nokia has its “predictive Nokia Z Launcher” as a default Launcher. Previously, the company had released the limited pre-beta version of the Z Launcher app via the Z Launcher website in June. But now Nokia Z Launcher has been out for Android 4.1 and Higher Released which has been on Google Play.

The Nokia N1 will go on sale in China in or around February 2015, priced at around $250 (before taxes). It will then roll out to some countries in Europe and Russia. No word on whether it’s coming to the US — but given now the Nokia brand is much more recognizable/valuable on that side of the Atlantic, I wouldn’t be a surprise if we also have to wait a long time.