OnePlus Pad Go leaked with LTE support. Here’s all we know so far.

OnePlus Pad Go might be on its way
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Following the success of the OnePlus Pad‘s recent launch, OnePlus seems to be eager to launch more Android tablets in the near future. Two models, OPD2304 and OPD2305, have surfaced in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) registration, pointing at the potential OnePlus Pad Go tablet. Rumor suggests it might serve as a more affordable option to the OnePlus Pad with toned-down specs and price tag. So, in this article, we will be discussing the details of the OnePlus Pad Go along with surrounding rumors, what to expect from it, and availability.

OnePlus Pad Go Overview:

While there isn’t much information, we can expect OPD2304 and OPD2305 to be model numbers associated with the WiFi and LTE variants of the same device.

Device identifier field

Reliable tipster @1NormalUsername found a post on the OnePlus forums that mentions OPD2304 in the device identifier fields. However, as per the AndroidAuthority,  these screenshots alone may not provide sufficient confirmation of the OnePlus Pad Go’s upcoming release. Also, the post was also unavailable shortly, leaving no evidence to support this information at this time.

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Device identifier field indicates OnePlus Pad Go
Source: Android Authority

Bureau of Indian Standards Website

The user @1NormalUsername also noticed that the Bureau of Indian Standards website lists the model numbers OPD2304 and OPD2305 as tablet products. These two devices were registered simultaneously on August 16, 2023, and they are listed alongside OPD2203, which is the model number of the OnePlus Pad. This strongly suggests the possible arrival of a new tablet.

BIS Website with the model numbers of possible OnePlus Pad Go

What to expect from the upcoming OnePlus tablet?

Although the OnePlus Pad was an allrounder, it was WiFi-only missing cellular connectivity. But that might not be the case this time around.

With the “Go” label, OnePlus might aim to reach budget-conscious customers and compete in the market with cost-effective tablets, as “Go” versions typically have associations with affordability.

OnePlus Pad Go Availability

It’s possible that the tablet won’t be available until the next year, even though it’s been certified by the BIS in India. The company hasn’t officially announced the OnePlus Pad Go. The model numbers we saw might not be for the OnePlus Pad Go, but for some other device, and in a stranger scenario, OnePlus might decide not to release them on the market.