OnePlus prepares for its next flagship phone

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The OnePlus One managed to generate quite a lot of love and enthusiasm in a short space of time. Perhaps it was because it offered a nicely balanced set of specs for a reasonable price tag. Or it could have been the way the manufacturer personally interacted with the community via its website, forums, and social networking. Maybe it was the custom Cyanogen Mod Android software, or perhaps even the eye-catching design.

OnePlus Two Releases: 360Degree Video in OnePlus HQ

The company literally didn’t exist until two years ago, springing up in December 2013 as the brainchild of former Oppo VP Pete Lau. The company has managed to achieve a pretty good share and support in its market and has given a tough competition to its fellow competitor who have been in the business for a long time such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola.

OnePlus One Picture with Front and Back Picture.
OnePlus One Picture with Front and Back View, Source: OnePlus One Press Photos


Release Date:

The company officially posted on its forum, website, and social media and for the announcement of the official launch event will take place on July 27 at 7 pm Pacific Time. But the company did something different as to others launch events. This time OnePlus is set to live stream its event in VR (Virtual reality). The company made its own alternative of Google cardboard and provided it to its customer free of cost in USA UK. In India, the company sold cardboard for Rs.99 on Amazon so that its fans can experience the event in 360. For those while doesn’t have cardboard can also enjoy the event live stream for the app that onePlus and released on the play store for its launch event.


Companies typically like to keep every detail under wraps until the big unveil, but OnePlus is not your typical company. Rather than allow a barrage of leaks to ruin the surprise, OnePlus has been slowly revealing new details about its next flagship, a ploy meant to hype what’s to come. While we know some of the OnePlus 2’s specs, not every detail has been uncovered just yet. That means the device still has enough mystery to leave fans wanting more.

OnePlus 2 is going to be a beast. The company teases for its next flagship phone and we know that the new OnePlus 2 will have Snapdragon 810 processor (v2.1). This new processor is the updated version of the processor of the same name but with upgrades. The heating problem which was seen on 810 has been fixed and the new chip supports 4k live streaming. Also, the company teased that the phone will have 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The mobile will be first to use USB C type as seen first on the new MacBook. Company also teased that it will include a fingerprint scanner which is more precise that the IPhone and Samsung galaxy s6.  It will be loaded with its own operating system Oxygen OS. There are still a few odds and ends, like storage, and it’s unclear how big the device’s screen will be (along with resolution). Rumors suggest fans can expect a 5.5-inch display with  FullHD resolution, along with similar storage options to last year’s model, which offered 16GB and 64GB.

Camera: Renowned YouTube Gadget reviewer MKBHD recently posted some photos that were taken from the new OnePlus two. He has done a Full review of the new camera is a 13 MP f /2.0 with laser auto-focus. As from his words the camera is pretty good compared to last year but with more details and faster image processing and new laser focus helps in getting perfectly focused pictures which focus can be change from one object to another.

More recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has made some comments regarding how much will be phone be priced at compared to last year.  The OnePlus Two will cost once it gets official later this month. According to a tweet from Lau’s official twitter account, the OnePlus Two will definitely be priced under $450, which is still very cheap compared to the Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and iPhone 6 – they all cost in excess of $600.



Let’s wait a while:

The OnePlus One was a pleasant surprise, but will the next version repeat that feat and cement the company as one of today’s premiere mobile players? We’ll find out on July 27, when, in typical OnePlus fashion, the company holds a one of a kind VR announcement to unveil the device.

SOURCEOne Plus One Press Photos