AI video generation done right — Here is OpenAI’s Sora

OpenAI Sora
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Generative AI has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. And OpenAI has been a frontrunner in the field with its previous offerings in the form of ChatGPT, and DALL-E. Now they are pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities even further with their latest innovation — Sora! Let’s delve deeper into the OpenAI Sora in this article.

OpenAI Sora Overview


Before getting into the nitty-gritty of Sora, let’s talk about its progenitor i.e. OpenAI briefly. The company was founded back in December 2015 as a non-profit organisation researching AI. Additionally, our favourite eccentric billionaire — Elon Musk served as a board member during its genesis. In 2019, OpenAI converted to a capped-profit model and started gearing up their research and expenses.


As a result, they came out with the ChatGPT in 2020 — which was revolutionary for the time. It was the best implementation of the Large Language Model and unsurprisingly caught a lot of attention. ChatGPT showed a glimpse of what AI was capable of to the general public. OpenAI then stepped up its game even further with DALL-E in 2021. While ChatGPT was a text-based system, with users getting results in text only. DALL-E could convert your text prompt into images. Even though DALL-E was impressive and all, it wasn’t the best text-to-image generator out there. However, we cannot say the same about Sora!


Given the progression of OpenAI’s AI offerings, it only made sense that they would try their hands on text-to-video generators next. Now, this is not the first time we have seen this, but just like ChatGPT, it appears to be the best implementation of it. Similar to its siblings, Sora can produce videos based on the user’s prompts.

OpenAI Offerings

The AI can produce videos of up to a minute in length with great details. The samples OpenAI provided on Sora’s homepage make you question if the videos are actually AI-generated. However, eagle-eyed viewers may find the renders to be a little choppy here and there. Nonetheless, it is a great testament to the capabilities of generative AI and what the future holds!

OpenAI Sora Availability and Conclusion

Given that, generative AI is still in its early years, there are a lot of blurred lines regarding them including copyright issues. Hence, Sora is only accessible to a limited group of professionals at this time. OpenAI is currently studying the risks and impacts that Sora may have while also collaborating with content creators. Anyhoo, when all that is sorted out and it is made available to the public it will definitely be one of the most celebrated tools out there!

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