These new AI Features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series are so COOL!

Samsung Galaxy AI
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Well, it’s no surprise that AI is all the new hype in the tech world! With that, every tech company are rushing to integrate AI into their devices in one way or another. Now, Samsung is also jumping on the bandwagon with their — Galaxy AI! Let’s look at all the cool Samsung AI features on the latest One UI 6.1, shall we?

Top Samsung AI Features

Samsung has been going on about the “Galaxy AI” for a while now. And, let me just say, that the Samsung and Marvel collab teaser was kinda unexpected and cool too! First things first, a phone with cool AI features is not something unheard of — Google has been doing this for a while now with their Pixel phones.

Now, the South Korean tech giant is looking to challenge them as they have packed their latest flagships — the Samsung Galaxy S24 series — with a handful of new AI features! Well, technically speaking, they packed the One UI 6.1 with these AI features, but you get the point. Let’s just have a look:

1. Live Translate

This is probably, the most impressive AI feature among the bunch. Well, it is at least to me! So, what this feature does is — as the name suggests — translate conversations, in REAL TIME! With this feature, you can have a full-on conversation with a foreign speaker without breaking a sweat. What is going on here is, that you speak in your native language, your smartphone picks it up, translates it, and the foreigner on the other end hears you in their native language! Language barrier, who?

Samsung Live Translate

The initial impressions of this feature seem to suggest that it isn’t perfect. But, these things get better with time. Additionally, all this translation is happening within your phone itself, so you need not connect to the internet to access this feature. At this time, the Live Translate feature is only available for 13 languages, however, it will surely be expanded to include more languages sooner than later.

2. Circle to Search

The next AI feature Samsung is going on and on about is the “Circle to Search”. Here, you can hold your home button for a while, then the built-in AI will scan your screen. After which you can circle on a subject and your phone will scour through Google to show you similar results.

Circle to Search

Well, this is not something new. You could definitely do the same thing using Google Lens. But, what is new is — the feature being baked into your phone itself! It will surely turn out to be one of the most useful features among the bunch.

3. Galaxy AI Editing Tools

Your latest Samsung Galaxy phones come with Galaxy AI editing tools that consist of features like Edit Suggestion, and Generative Edit. The former feature suggests suitable tweaks for you to perfect each of the photos you take. Meanwhile, the latter feature harnesses the power of AI more aggressively. Using this feature, you can select a subject in your photos, relocate it, and fill in the empty spaces using generative AI.

Galaxy AI Editing Tool
Source: Hayls World

Once again, not something unheard of in the world of image editing. Popular editing software like Photoshop and Canva have a feature along those lines. But this “Generative Edit” feature comes in your phone by default, and that is — CONVENIENT!

4. Transcript Assist

Another cool AI feature the One UI 6.1 packs is Transcript Assist. This feature will come in handy if you are someone who attends a lot of long meetings, lectures, and such. This feature uses speech-to-text technology coupled with AI to transcribe, summarise, and even translate your recordings. The Transcript Assist feature apparently works on old recordings as well — more details to follow.

5. AI Keyboard

Well! It appears Samsung had the bright idea to integrate AI into their keyboard itself, and they call it —  Chat Assist. With this, you can type in what you want, and the AI can do a bunch of stuff. Like, it can scan through what you have typed in, and change the tone of the message. For example, you could type in a message in a casual tone, and Chat Assist will help you change into a more professional tone. Additionally, it also offers chat translation as well as grammar checking feature.

Samsung AI Keyboard
Source: Mrwhosetheboss

6. ProVisual Engine

The ProVisual Engine could be the biggest AI feature in the One UI 6.1. The naming surely suggests so. But, Samsung has decided to not explain what exactly is this ProVisual Engine. Given that, the company does say it is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools that transforms image-capturing abilities. Thus, I am assuming, it will include a feature like AI upscaling, that can convert your grainy and shaky images to something usable of sorts.

ProVisual Engine

7. The Rest

Now, the One UI 6.1 comes with even more AI features apart from the ones I have listed above. They are not as special as the aforementioned features, therefore, I will just skim through them here:


This feature is the water-down version of the Live Translate, which I covered earlier. To use this feature, both the language speakers have to be present at the same place. Here, you speak what you want to say to the other person and the translation appears on the screen. Therefore, this is like a speech-to-text plus translation feature working in tandem.

Note Assist

The Note Assist feature is what you get when you mix AI with the Notes app. With this, your phone can auto-format, summarise, rectify the spellings, and translate all your notes for you. Additionally, it can be used in speech-to-text format as well.

Top Samsung AI Features Conclusion

As I have said multiple times at this point already, the Galaxy AI does not offer anything extraordinary. It is everything we have already seen. AI transcription? Seen that! Generative fill? Done that! It’s nothing new! But, what is new is not having to use a bunch of third-party apps to do all these different things. It will surely be very convenient to have everything baked into your smartphone. Not just smartphones though!

All the laptops that launched recently have been going on and on about their NPUs and their AI capabilities too — including Samsung’s own Galaxy Book4 Series! All in all, AI will surely be a tool we will be engrained into our lives in the coming few years. While there’s that, let me be the bearer of bad news before I part ways — Galaxy AI — it’s not going to be free. At least, not after 2025, that is. So until then, let’s enjoy all the cool Samsung AI features to the fullest!

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