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Bose FreeSpace FS4SE

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The Bose FreeSpace FS4SE is an engineered plastic speaker with an aluminum grille, measuring 254x171x174mm and available in black and white. It weighs 3080 grams and can be mounted to surfaces using a U-shaped bracket. It powers 114.3mm full-range drivers and covers 130° horizontal and 125° vertical angles. It requires a direct power source with a Euroblock 6-pin connector.

Starting Price  95,000





Ingress Protection

Bose FreeSpace FS4SE Overview:


Bose FreeSpace FS4SE Surface Mount features engineered plastic all over its body with an aluminum grille at the front. The audio device weighs nearly 3080 grams and measures 254×171×174mm. Additionally, the speaker is available in two neutral colors: Black and White.

You can mount FreeSpace FS4SE to a surface using the U-shaped bracket inside the package it comes with. The mounting can be set to 0˚, 15˚, 30˚, and 45˚ angles based on your needs. Moreover, the IP55 rating makes it useful for outdoor usage too.

Audio and Connectivity

Under the hood, the FreeSpace FS4SE powers using 114.3mm (4.5″) full-range drivers. The transducer has an impedance of 8 ohms and can produce frequencies from 70Hz to 17kHz. Also, it covers 130° horizontal and 125° vertical angles, so that the sound spreads evenly over most of the room space.

By the way, FS4SE needs a direct power source using a Euroblock 6-pin connector before playing music. The power can go as high as 100 volts.

Bose FreeSpace FS4SE Price in Nepal

Bose Speakers Price in Nepal
FreeSpace FS4SE NPR 95,000

Bose FreeSpace FS4SE Specifications Compare

Year Unknown
Status In Stock
Speaker Type Surface Mount
Series Bose FreeSpace
Dimensions 254×171×174mm
Weight 3080g
IP rating IP55
Colors Black, White
114.3 mm
Frequency Response 70Hz - 17kHz
Channel Mono
Microphone No
Bluetooth Unspecified
Companion App No
Battery Size N/A
Charging N/A
Ports Euroblock 6-pin Connector